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July 27, 2021


SAGSE Buenos Aires will hold the 26th edition of the largest gaming expo in Latin America

SAGSE Buenos Aires will hold the 26th edition of the largest gaming expo in Latin America
During the next three days, Costa Salguero Exhibition Center will open its doors once more for a new edition of SAGSE Buenos Aires.
Argentina | 09/11/2018

( Featuring over 70 companies and exhibitors, SAGSE Buenos Aires 2018 will open its doors at 2:30 pm today —Buenos Aires time—, at the Costa Salguero Exhibition Center, to showcase the latest innovations of the global gambling industry.


esterday evening, the halls of the exhibition center were occupied by thousands of workers, signaling the event's future magnitude. The number of companies is similar to last year’s edition, but the infrastructure and array of products on display have been enhanced.

Giorgio Gennari Litta, founder of Monografie and creator of SAGSE, said a few days ago that although the Argentine market is going through an economic crisis, and the original schedule has been modified, he remains optimistic on the overall outcome of the show. "Each crisis represents an opportunity for new business deals and for analyzing and discovering new market trends."

Giorgio Gennari Litta (centro), junto a sus colaboradores Juan José Andicochea y Jorge Dallinger.

"Our major challenge has always been the achievement of both the goals of the exhibitors as well as the visitors; that is to say, we want everyone attending this exhibition —the most relevant one in Latin America— to gain access to new clients and deals, so as to strengthen their relationships with customers, and discover the opportunities that the Latin American market has to offer," he assured.

Conferences and Seminars

This year’s edition, SAGSE will feature two top-notch conferences: Alpha Boot Camp Buenos Aires, organized by SiGMA and specially tailored for the 150 operators from the region; and a conference held by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which were present at SAGSE 2018.

When speaking about the alliance with SiGMA, Gennari pointed out: "On this occasion, SAGSE has added a new partner, whose sponsors —European online gambling suppliers— bear information on the main markets. That’s why we have invited them. They will attend so as to meet with Latin American operators and share their background and experience. This is a teamwork aimed at changing this sector."

SiGMA’s Alpha Boot Camp offers a unique experience, focusing especially on advances as regards regulations, cryptocurrency, online gaming and gaming platforms, among other valuable contributions to this market.

"Moreover, after the success and acceptance of MGA’s conference last year, we decided to invite the entity once more. MGA wasn’t familiar with our market and remained cautious during its first participation. However, when they found out about Latin America’s great potential, they decided to attend once more, but this time, with a greater amount of confidence, so as to hold a conference that generates a great deal of interest."