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June 22, 2021

MGS will introduce more leisure and scientific & technological elements

2018 MGS Entertainment Show announces new elements and partners

2018 MGS Entertainment Show announces new elements and partners
The theme of MGS 2018 is "New Era—Innovative Technology & Intellectual Entertainment".
Macau | 08/09/2018

The 2018 MGS Entertainment Show (MGS) will be held on the 13th - 15th November at the Venetian Macao Cotai Expo Hall A and B.


ith over five years of the development, MGS has become one the most advanced and innovative entertainment product exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as an important social platform for the entertainment industry insiders from all over the world to seek business opportunities. Last year, MGS was awarded "UFI Approved International Event" bestowed The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). This year, in line with the Macao's positioning of "World Center of Tourism and Leisure" and the needs for economic diversification, MGS will introduce more leisure and scientific & technological elements to enrich itself.

The theme of MGS 2018 is "New Era—Innovative Technology & Intellectual Entertainment". The whole world witnessed the booming development of digital technology in the past few years. As the emerging technologies enter a mature phase, innovative technology has been a key topic in 2018. Macao is speeding up the pace of becoming "World Center of Tourism and Leisure". Other than Macao, the rapid development of integrated resorts in the entire Asian region will also stimulate the needs for entertainment equipment and leisure elements. Introducing innovative technology into entertainment and leisure industries will provide more development possibilities for the industry. Professional exhibitors from the science and technology industries will spread various leading-edge ideas through MGS, which is committed to promoting the construction of the smart cities in Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The first five years of MGS were independently organized by Macao Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association (MGEMA). In 2018, MGS will be co-organized by MGEMA, Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity Industry Co., Ltd ("Nam Kwong") and China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd ("China Machinery International"). The Chairman of the MGEMA, Jay Chun, mentioned the reason for cooperating with those two organizations: "there is no doubt that both two companies have great potential in promoting the MGS Entertainment Show. Nam Kwong is one of the largest exhibition organizing companies in Macao with intensive exhibition experience locally and abroad. China Machinery International has made remarkable achievements in mechanical technology. While promoting the entertainment and gaming equipment this year, MGS also hopes to further promote the potential growth of integrated resort in Macao. We hope that while promoting Macao as the center, MGS can influence the neighboring regions and countries." In order to meet the up-growing trend of the industry, MGS 2018 highlights seven major elements: leisure technology, gaming equipment, integrated resort procurement fair, environmental protection and sustainability, hotel supplies, fire safety, and E-sports. Details are as follows:

Leisure technology

Several world-class large-scale integrated resorts settled down in Macao, which bring various elements of tourism and leisure together, including high-quality theme guest rooms, shopping malls, international cuisine. In addition, Macao has many recreation facilities and activities suitable for families, such as gaming center, aquariums, surfing beaches, concerts, sports competitions and continuous stage performances. Meanwhile, large convention and exhibition centers and banquet venues are available for different types of activities. Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Apart from developing tourism and leisure industries, the importance of science and technology cannot be ignored. MGS provides a communication and trading platform for many scientific and technological enterprises to demonstrate their innovation capabilities and their advantages among the industry.

Gaming equipment

Macao is the fastest growing place for entertainment in the world and is also an indispensable promotion platform. MGS attracts a number of international buyers to visit Macao, which will bring in orders for exhibitors and encourages the manufacturers to compete positively in innovative R&D. Moreover, MGS will be helpful for establishing Macao's role as a global supply partner in the E-sports industry. MGS has gained the manufacturers'support from all walks of life, ranging from machines, software, and frameworks to various parts combinations, hoping to provide one-stop service for buyers.

Integrated Resorts Procurement Conference

Many places in the world are planning and developing Integrated resorts with distinctive features and innovative designs, including hotels, shopping malls and a series of supporting facilities. MGS can build a bridge between the exhibitors and the buyers from Integrated resorts.

Hotel supplies

As a tourism city, Macao's hotel industry is booming and in great demand for hotel supplies, which means the related market prospect is promising. The industry strives to search for the high-quality hotel equipment, food&beverage, custom-made furniture and bedding, interior and exterior decoration, etc., thus bringing up many opportunities for related industries.

Hotel's environmental protection

As the "World Center of Tourism and Leisure", Macao should encourage hotels to make contributions to environmental protection. Apart from reducing the operational costs of a hotel and improving its image as a green corporate, it also well-prepared to meet the requirements of relevant environmental protection laws and regulations and make an active response to the public views on environmental protection. Furthermore,other enterprises, schools and associations will be encouraged to participate in environmental protection and make joint efforts to build a green city.

Fire safety

Specialized product and service in the fields of firefighting, safety emergency, disaster prevention equipment, and anti-terrorism equipment, will optimize the efficiency of safety management system, so as to awaken enterprises from only focusing on firefighting safety in the past to fully discussing the comprehensive natural and man-made disaster prevention construction and monitoring management.


E-sports have been widely recognized in the world, and some universities in China have set up e-sports majors to cultivate the talents of e-sports. E-sports has stepped out of the prejudice of "one who is lost in the game will lose his ambition" in the past and gradually grows to a rising industry with considerable economic benefits and promising future. MGS 2018 will bring more business opportunities for game distribution, e-sports teams, game broadcasting, professional E-sports teams, game peripheral, etc.

This year, MGS 2018 will also hold the "International Digital Technology Entertainment Industry Innovation Appraisal" campaign. With the continuous introduction of new tech and new concepts, the digital interactive entertainment industry will keep innovating to bring more innovative elements into the industry, enhance Macao's innovative development and witness innovative value. The innovative appraisal campaign of MGS 2018 will be divided into three parts: awards for innovative figures, innovative science&technology awards for gaming entertainment equipment, and popular card games.

In order to foster an e-sports environment in Macao, enhance the influence of the industry, and revitalize the development of e-sports in Hong Kong and Macao, MGS 2018 plans to cooperate with Macao E-Sports Association to hold the "MGS Weibo Cup" to create friendly knowledge and understanding among mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao. The most three popular games including MOBA League of Legends, Player unknown's Battlegrounds, and Arena of Valor will be main competitions and will be live broadcast on live-stream platforms (including Panda.TV, ZHANQI.TV, DOUYU,,, SinaGame, etc.).

Apart from rich exhibition contents, two major forums will be held with MGS 2018. The distribution of Macao's gaming franchise right after its expiration and the enactment of Japanese Integrated Resort Act are the hottest topics highly concerned by shareholders. The planning and development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area are directly related to Macao's future. In the stage of the regional economy take-off, whether Macao can "hitch a ride" on government policies highly determines whether it can realize the goal of economic diversification. MGS will invite government officials, senior managers of Gaming organizations and economic experts to conduct in-depth analysis and discussion on such issues. "Sina Global Digital and Entertainment Future Summit 2018" will invite Marketing Director of Net Ease Game, Vice President of Lenovo Group, MI VR team leader and other professionals to share the latest information about e-sports, blockchain, AR/VR technology, and related industries. More summit information will be coming soon. Please stay tuned.

In 2017, MGS attracted more than 162 exhibitors, and the number of visitors reached 15,273. Buyers and distinguished guests from more than 54 countries gathered together and exchange opinions.

Compared with last year, the scale of MGS 2018 will be larger and the content will be richer. With the support of all partners, MGS will definitely achieve unprecedented success.

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