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June 22, 2021

Interview with Lina Gallego, Luckia's country manager in Colombia

"We are very happy with Luckia's arrival in Colombia"

"We did very well at FADJA; we have experienced plenty of acceptance at the show. There were many people interested in our products," she summarized.
Colombia | 04/18/2018

During this year’s edition of FADJA (American Trade Gaming Show) held on April 5 and 6 in Bogotá, Yogonet spoke with Lina Gallego, country manager of Luckia in Colombia, where the company became one of the most recent licensed operators. The executive anticipated their plans to unleash 500 "corners" throughout Colombia, and confirmed their next stop is Peru, one of the five countries they are planning to visit this year.


uckia’s country manager said the company’s products attracted great interest during FADJA, and showed her excitement about their recent arrival in the Colombian market, where they have been operating for less than a month under a license granted by Coljuegos.

"Operators approach us due to our experience in the market, our global significance, and they look to close deals with us to have Luckia's terminals at their casinos," he explained to Yogonet.

Gallego also explained that the company has four "corners" (business establishments with terminals) in Colombia, which are being tested on its platform, and they plan to deploy 500 more throughout the country.

Consulted on the increasing competition unleashed after the regulation of online gambling in Colombia last year, the executive considers that there are very interesting online betting options since the best companies are breaking into the market. In this regard, she highlighted the added value of her company: “Luckia has plenty of product knowledge, experience, knows how to handle markets”. That's something that customers are very interested in. "

Regarding the Colombian market’s current situation, although she recognizes that there is a good offer for operators, the variety of products still needs to be improved. “For example, with anonymous bets, because we only have those that are registered. We are also missing virtual bets, an offer which is still pending, "he explained. She assured that they have already held meetings with Coljuegos, but there is no definite date yet.

As regards Luckia's future plans, Gallego stated that their next Latin American stop will be Peru: "We are going to be present in about five countries this year, and Peru is one of them, as well as Colombia."

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