“We believe that Matching Visions product’s appeal is universal” | Yogonet International
Jimena Gamboa Baragaño, Content and SEO Administrator

“We believe that Matching Visions product’s appeal is universal”

"As we move into the somewhat complicated Latin American market, we will make sure to stay up to date on current events," she stated.
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In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Jimena Gamboa Baragaño, Content and SEO Administrator at the affiliate network company Matching Visions, delved into the services the company provides for both operators and affiliates all over the world and discussed their role in the European iGaming market as well as their recent arrival in Latin America.

What services does Matching Visions provide to operators and affiliates?

Matching Visions is a one-stop-shop for affiliates, allowing them to promote an infinite number of brands with just one login, one combined monthly payment and just one point of contact. We provide the affiliates with marketing materials, such as texts, banners, mailers and direct links…everything they need to promote each brand!

For operators, we give them access to a large pool of affiliates and we bring affiliates all the latest news on behalf of the operator themselves. In addition, we act as a cushion between operators and the affiliates, making sure that both the operator and our affiliates alike are treated fairly.

In summary, we make everyone’s life easy!

Matching Visions has been working in the marketing and gaming industry for more than 5 years. What can you tell us about your experience in Europe, in terms of the iGaming and affiliate markets?

Trust is key! Since our inception, we’ve visited the biggest iGaming conferences all over Europe. These events have been essential to our growth, as it provides us with the perfect setting for meeting affiliates and making new industry contacts.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll bring this experience into the Latin American market.

What is your vision regarding Latin America's iGaming market? What are the company's plans for this region?

The Latin American iGaming market has the potential to become just as big as the European market…if not bigger! Recent developments in the region, point towards more markets becoming regulated, sooner rather than later. Hence, we’re convinced that even the affiliate market will grow significantly over the years to come and we believe that now is the perfect time to start building good relationships with both operators and affiliates alike.

We believe that our product’s appeal is universal, and we can’t wait to break into this vibrant market!

What do you think Matching Visions can provide to both operators and affiliates in Latin America?

Operators will be looking for affiliates with Latin American traffic and affiliates will be looking for the best brands in the region – we offer both!

We’re not the only affiliate network out there, but nobody does things quite like us. Affiliates can expect a platform that’s super easy to use, great deals, on-time payments and monthly competitions that offer a great deal of extra value.

Right now, we have an offer for any affiliate who signs up at Matching Visions and send Latin American traffic. We will give affiliates €500 extra –USD 620– once they’ve sent 20 Latin American players or more. This is paid in addition to revenue made from those players of course!

Operators will find that we take a keen interest in providing affiliates with all the latest news about their brand. And in the same way that we protect our affiliates, we make sure that all affiliates promote our brands within the given guidelines.

You have recently developed and launched a website specially targeting Latin American players, http://onlinecasinoguia.com/. What has been the response so far?

Even though the site is still in its initial stages, it’s been a resounding success. The site will keep improving as we learn more about what brands are the most popular among the Latin American players.

What challenges did you have to face in terms of iGaming laws and regulations in Europe and what challenges are you facing now in Latin America?

Recently, more European countries have been moving towards regulation, which has caused dramatic changes to the iGaming playing field. Regulators keep pushing for stricter marketing rules, which means that both operators and affiliates must be prepared to make swift changes to their marketing strategies. The key for us during this process has been to establish regular and open communication with both operators and affiliates.

As we move into the somewhat complicated Latin American market, we will make sure to stay up to date on current events. Things can change quickly, and we will make sure that we’re ready!

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