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September 16, 2021

Exclusive interview to Diego Mejia, LatAm Business Development Manager of JCM

"We foresee Latin America will have more reliance on JCM products"

This week, JCM's LatAm Business Development Manager Diego Mejia delves into the innovations JCM will be bringing to this year's edition of FADJA, his views on the new regulated market and the role of Coljuegos and the future of R&D for JCM.
Colombia | 03/26/2018

This week, Yogonet has interviewed JCM's LatAm Business Development Manager Diego Mejia to delve into the innovations JCM will be bringing to this year's edition of FADJA, his views on the new regulated market and the role of Coljuegos and the future of R&D for JCM.


hat will be the presence of JCM in FADJA 2018? What will be the main novelties, innovations and differences compared to previous editions?

Security is a paramount concern for our customers in Latin America and around the world, and our bill validators offer the highest levels of protection available. At FADJA, we will be showing our iVIZION bill validator, which scans more than 9.5 million data points of every note, twice that of the nearest competitor. Plus, its powerful combination of optical and mechanical sensors and mechanical anti-fishing technology offers supreme protection. Along those same lines, our iPRO-RC bill validator offers superior sensing and anti-fishing protection while also offering the added convenience of note recycling. Our TBV bill validator accepts multiple denominations and multiple currencies simultaneously, either bulk-note or single note. We will also show our advanced GEN5 thermal printer, PromoNet floor-wide promotional couponing system, BlueWave firmware upload tool, and our new RDM Retail Deposit Module.

Do you plan to organize parallel activities, such as technical training or even an eSports tournament as in other events?

Our technical trainings are very popular across Latin American, and we are currently working on staging a four-hour training session the day prior the show. Stay tuned for more details.

What does the FADJA Show represent for your Gaming Market side of your company? What are the sub-markets of gaming you are looking to strengthen and obtain greater competitiveness?

FADJA is a good show for JCM. We are fortunate to continue to have a great deal of success with our customers in Colombia and around Latin America, and like other regional shows, FADJA is a great opportunity to meet with potential customers as well as gain invaluable feedback from existing customers.

To what extent will your strategy to approach the market the rest of the year, in terms of goals and challenges, be reflected in the event?

The greatest challenge our customers have is security, and that makes our overarching strategy quite simple – provide high-security products that also enhance customer connections. To do that, we offer customers a choice of new products and of refurbished units, so customers can best match their needs with their budget. We also help our customers implement their strategies of serving their customers through our innovative PromoNet floor-wide promotional couponing system. While targeting both carded and uncarded players, PromoNet couponing gives operators the added benefit of getting even more value out of their existing printer hardware.

What expectations do you have with FADJA, both the interests of your company and those of the event itself and the general industry (volume of visits, specific businesses, trends, etc.?

FAJDA is always a good show for JCM, largely because Colombia is a very progressive jurisdiction where operators and regulators strike a very good balance between careful regulation and permission of new technologies. JCM operates very similarly, where we provide award-winning products that offer the highest levels of security to help operators protect their assets, while also offering very progressive products like the PromoNet, which takes advantage of modern technology to drive increased participation from both carded and uncarded players.

What evaluation would you make of the new regulated market until now, especially in terms of operators-Coljuegos relationship, technological development and productivity? What aspects and spaces remain to be perfected in the short and long term? How will JCM position itself against these new possibilities?

COLJUEGOS is a leading regulatory body – very smart and very progressive. JCM has several products in our catalog that help operators reach the highest levels of security and compliance. For example, our iVIZION bill validator is equipped with Contact Image Sensing (CIS) technology that sees and scans the entire note, including the serial number, strongly boosting operators’ efforts in battling counterfeits. Plus, our FUZION technology uses the power of the casino management system and the connection to the bill validator to track potential money laundry, and thereby helps government regulators to fight against this illicit activity.

How could the online boom affect one of the main areas targeted by JCM, which is cash management? Where does the company's R&D strategy aim in the short and long term?

We can learn from other global jurisdictions that the introduction of online gaming into a market does not replace land-based casino gaming; rather, it complements it and tends to drive increased land-based participation. Because of this history, we have every reason to expect the same for Latin America, which will mean operators will have more reliance on JCM products to make connections with their land-based customers, not less.

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