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June 24, 2021

Interview with Diego Mourglia, Director at AutoGameSYS

"There will be several AutoGameSYS developments over 2018 which will drive growth through Latam"

"ICE 2018 was a huge success for AutoGameSYS and it really highlighted the importance that the Latin American region will play in shaping the growth of the world’s iGaming market," he assured.
Uruguay | 03/23/2018

In an exclusive interview with the company's director spoke about their experience at the 2018 editions of both ICE and LAC London as well as their plans for the Latin American market to outperform competitors and grow their market share in the region.


ow would you summarize AutoGameSYS' visit to ICE and LAC London 2018?

ICE 2018 was a huge success for AutoGameSYS and it really highlighted the importance that the Latin American region will play in shaping the growth of the world’s iGaming market. It was patently clear the online sector will continue to dominate and those who succeed will have to be able to offer a truly omni-channel service.

The show itself is the perfect opportunity to meet clients, business partners and to get a feel for the industry up close. Developing relationships is vital to any business and being able to catch-up with people over three days is something special.

ICE is one of the standout events of the year so everyone is keen to exhibit the very latest solutions and products. We’re always keeping an eye out for ways to enhance our offering to ensure we maintain our position as the leading platform across Latam.

Which jurisdictions do you feel currently offer the most potential for iGaming growth in Latin America?

The LATAM region represents a significant opportunity and many operators from all over the world are closely monitoring developments to ensure they don’t miss out on the action. Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Paraguay are just some of the markets to watch.

Colombia is currently the market generating the most interest. The government has been proactive in addressing regulating the iGaming market and offering the best guarantees to make the most of each operator and player opportunity.

Colombia has excelled with an open dialogue to make potential suitors aware they are working on approving sports betting and opening up the iGaming sector. Investors can easily monitor the situation and move on their terms knowing what is required to enter the market. AutoGameSYS is participating in the certification process and we are sure a positive outcome isn’t too far away.

What is going to be your strategy this year to out-perform competitors and grow your market share?

It’s imperative as a company to be agile and quickly be able to adapt your business strategy to meet clients’ demands. Every client has different requirements so being able to offer an intuitive solution is the best way to remain market leader. Companies who are slow to react will not be able to keep up with the constantly changing iGaming horizon. Harnessing the latest technologies is one way to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Localisation and having a deep understanding of individual markets is another key element of AutoGameSYS’ growth. Every project is delivered in its own context and with the clients’ perspective at the forefront - a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work and goes against our philosophy.

AutoGameSYS platform was built to be extremely malleable to allow us to be 100% customisable and clients’ positive results are testament to the strength of the technology. Our success has been built on offering clients a bespoke platform with a true understanding of what makes Latin America tick. Mexico’s Big Bola is a prime example of how the platform can deliver instant success.

Once the technical foundation is in place it’s important to have a diverse offering. Our portfolio features Casino Games, Sportsbook for live events, Video Bingos, and Table games among others. We’re constantly adding and enhancing our content library to remain fresh and innovative. Having a support structure in place builds trust and we place great importance on providing an integral solution with 24/7 customer support, a Bonus System with a wide range of features, Support Assistance, Affiliate System and in-depth statistical reports.

These AutoGameSYS features means its a true omni-channel service to suit a wide range of customer needs as they provide the best user experience on the market. The industry is transforming itself, the trend right now is that the online betting opportunities are more closely reflecting exactly what players’ wish for.

With the regulation of online sports betting, Colombia has become an interesting market for many operators and suppliers from other countries with strong regulations in this segment. Can we expect news from AutoGameSYS anytime soon?

There will be several AutoGameSYS developments over the course of the year which will drive growth through Latam. We’re currently in the process of certifying the platform in some new jurisdictions, but we cannot say anymore at this time - watch this space!

The Colombian regulator expects to have 20 authorized online operators this year. Do you consider that the regulations are strong enough to support this number of companies?

It’s a tough one to say with complete confidence that twenty online operators will be authorized, but it doesn’t seem too far-fetched. The Colombian market and regulators’ entities are doing their best to be prepared enough to support these imminent changes in the industry, as well as the number that the sector can afford, and that is what matters. ColJuegos are leading from the front and setting a fine example about the best way to approach regulation.

There are several brand-new events focused on the gambling industry in Latin America. What trade shows are you going to attend next?

The events’ sector is always growing, and we love that, it means that the industry is getting stronger. We’ve got an action-packed agenda for the remainder of the calendar year. After our successful participation at ICE we hope to repeat that performance and will be attending great events like FADJA, Brazilian Gaming Congress, Caribbean Gaming Show in Cancun, Juegos Miami, Perú Gaming Show, G2E La Vegas, and EIG in Holland next September 2018. We’ll monitor others before deciding if it will help with AutoGameSYS’ expansion.

What are AutoGameSYS' plans for this year?

This year is an extremely exciting period for AutoGameSYS as we roll out several platform developments. The iGaming industry never rests and it’s vital for us to remain pioneers with cutting-edge technology. We will be regularly implementing updates to our platform and back-office system. This means our clients can pick and choose what direction to take with the features best-suited for their online growth.

Our plans are always dictated by our company concept of providing a flexible and friendly platform to cater for all business models, whether land-based, online or of course mobile. Having the concept flowing through all we do means we’re able to offer the best user experience possible.

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