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BtoBet at FADJA 2018

BtoBet at FADJA 2018
Throughout these last years, BtoBet has partnered with the majority of operators in the country.
Colombia | 03/22/2018

In an insight published in BtoBet’s latest Industry Report, Chairman Alessandro Fried states there is much to be optimistic about regarding the full potential of the iGaming sector in Colombia, the first LatAm country to be strictly regulated by a regulatory body, Coljuegos.


toBet’s Chairman stated that not only has Colombia set itself as a leader in Latin America by incorporating a strong regulatory environment, but with the Colombian regulators themselves stating that they are willing to work more closely with other countries on regulatory issues, everything seems to affirm that eventually, the country will set itself as an example for other markets in the region.

There is also good reason to believe that a broader cooperation would result in a more linear, harmonized and standard approach to the regulation across the entire region ultimately benefitting all the major countries, including Colombia itself.

Fried stated that efforts made by the local authorities to open up the gaming market should be duly noted. The efforts by the Colombian authorities to set up a system based on a robust and transparent regulation with the operators and customers’ protection in mind are truly commendable and should serve as an example for other LatAm jurisdictions.

However, he added that as is most often the case in many markets worldwide, the benefits that operators will be able to reap in such a strongly regulated environment is by making the right choice as regards the choice of the technical partner.

Challenges and solutions

Even though working in such a strongly regulated environment surely has its positives, operators must ensure to make the right choice under various technological aspects to ensure that they fall within Coljuegos’ regulatory framework.

Throughout these last years, BtoBet has partnered with the majority of operators in the country. Having so many different operators on board, as emphasised by BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried in his insight on the iGaming sector in Columbia, is a major advantage as this guarantees that its platforms not only are fully compliant with the regulatory environment, but also guarantees operators to be up and running in a very limited timeframe.

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