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June 24, 2021

Exclusive interview with BtoBet Chairman, Alessandro Fried

"2018 will project BtoBet as an even more trusted technical partner"

"I am positive that the reshaping of the company’s structure will project us as a more trusted technical partner that is always available to assist its clients in all their needs," says Chairman Alessandro Fried.
United Kingdom | 01/24/2018

The executive anticipated the highlights the industry can expect from BtoBet's representation at the upcoming ICE London exhibition, and delved into the strategies BtoBet will be deploying to grow its market share throughout 2018.


ould you provide further insight into the products you are planning to debut at the exhibition?

Rather than the products themselves, having just recently announced the launch of two dedicated divisions for gaming and sport betting, we are keen to present BtoBet’s recent structural reorganisation at this year’s edition of ICE Totally Gaming. With ICE being the largest showcase of products and services related to gaming, this exhibition will provide the perfect setup for BtoBet to demonstrate its dedicated services and high level of customization of its products, in the form of BtoBet Gaming and BtoBet Sports. Keep in mind that both these divisions embrace dedicated platforms conceived to ensure that each operator receives a unique service that permits them to define themselves on the market.

What sets BtoBet apart from the competition is that unlike other companies we don’t offer a cut and paste solution to our customers. We offer a range of solid and stable platforms – namely the Neuron Casino and Neuron Sports platforms – where unicity is the key. These are platforms built from the ground up with the operator in mind, where he will be presented with a high level of customization in terms of user experience, content and configuration amongst other aspects. To put them in layman’s terms these are all elements that enable the operator to build the front-end in the way he deems most appropriate, whilst at the same time giving him the opportunity to integrate third party content and configuring other aspects of the user experience.

What are operators and players to expect from you in terms of product development?

Throughout the years we have established ourselves as pioneers in the field. And it is with this in mind that we will continue to develop our products. Throughout the year we will continue working on and developing the recommendation engine for the casino and sportsbook platforms. This development process will put the Neuron Casino and Neuron Sports platforms in a better position to study and learn the player behaviour and interests. The end result will be that BtoBet’s platforms will eventually better suggest those events that truly are of interest to the individual player. However at the same time we will also be providing and further develop the tools required for this player analysis process from the operator point of view.

Which destinations do you feel currently offer the most potential for gaming growth in Europe?

From a growth potential perspective as regards the European continent, I don’t particularly see a shift or growth being registered in one particular European market. I am more of the opinion that the whole European market itself will change. One must keep in mind that in a few months time the European Union is set to introduce the new General Data Protection Regulation, and this will eventually make the whole European scenario a more complex one. With the General Data Protection Regulation on the table all the actors in the process, and not only the operators themselves, will be subject to this regulation. This regulation will also introduce hefty fines that could reach into the millions of euros, and therefore the operators must make sure to make the right choice and the correct decisions also as regards their technical partners to be fully compliant.

What discussions should drive the 2018 agenda at an industry-level?

Putting the regulatory aspect apart, I truly believe that the technological aspect will also determine the agenda at an industry level. Technologies are the foundation of any type of gaming operation.

Many established organisations in the gaming industry came to light a substantial number of years ago, and nowadays they are in a position that they are operating in a market that is driven by totally different criteria from the one that characterised their initial years of operation. Thus in the near future they must take important decisions, or risk losing their current position in the market. And this encases the importance of having the right technical partner.

Could you mention the strategies you are implementing in 2018 to outperform competitors and grow your market share?

As previously mentioned the launch of BtoBet Gaming and BtoBet Sports is a fundamental part of the strategy meant to be implemented throughout the year. I am positive that the reshaping of the company’s structure will project us as a more trusted technical partner that is always available to assist its clients in all their needs. There is no doubt that BtoBet has one of the most advanced product portfolios on the market. So the main challenge for us will be to transfer this wealth of product to the market. By doing so BtoBet will definitely capitalise on the interest shown in its products by operators. And this will permit the company to further establish itself and increase its market share.
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