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June 21, 2021

Diego Mejia, JCM LatAm Director of Business Development

"If gaming regulations are approved in Brazil we are ready to move into the market today"

Diego Mejía Director of Business Development for Latin America at JCM Global
Argentina | 12/06/2017

JCM Global took part in SAGSE 2017, held November 7-9, where they exhibited their leading products and hosted their annual slot tech training. Interviewed by Yogonet, Diego Mejia told us about their experience in the event and JCM's vision of the gambling market in Latin America.

Why did you decide to participate in SAGSE 2017? What is your opinion of this 25th edition of the fair?
JCM Global has been honored to have been deeply involved with operators and suppliers in Latin America for nearly 20 years, and SAGSE has played an integral role in our marketing efforts. Of course, with this being the show’s 25th anniversary, we were especially excited to exhibit, and it was clear the organizers made an extra effort to create a truly special event. We were very pleased that the show provided us with an excellent opportunity to meet with customers.

What strategy did you implement to capture the attention of the attendees?
In addition to our leading products, one way we interacted with attendees was our annual slot tech training. We hosted slot techs from across Argentina for the training, where our experts gave hands-on training on iVIZION, GEN5, and the GEN2U thermal printer.

Can you tell us if you had the opportunity to close any business deals within the framework of the fair?
We are working with our local distributor SEAC on different business opportunities we saw throughout the show, especially with our PromoNet System, a product that caught the attention of important Casino Operator Groups in the region.

What was the feedback from the visitors when they got to know iVIZION? What other products did you exhibit?
Attendees who were previously unfamiliar with iVIZION were impressed by what our customers across Latin America and around already know – that iVIZION is the most advanced, most secure bill validator in the gaming industry. What some people may not know is iVIZION scan the entire note or ticket and captures 9.5 million data points of every note, more than twice that of the nearest competitor. We also showed other products in our bill validation line, including the UBA and DBV-500 bill validators. Attendees were also interested in our ICB 3.0 Intelligent Cash Box drop management system, which has been field-proven to save operators hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. In addition, we showed our GEN5 thermal printer and our BlueWaveDX firmware upload tool, which has a high-speed data transfer that streamlines the firmware upload process.

What features did you incorporate into PromoNet 2.0?
Attendees were very excited about our PromoNet 2.0 floor-wide couponing solution, and so are we. In field trials and in live, on-the-floor-use, PromoNet 2.0 has been proven to deliver the right promotion to the right customer at the right time. Customers who have used PromoNet have reported to us that they have been able to boost revenue, enhance their players' experience, and direct promotions to active players, whether they are carded members of the players club or uncarded players.

This year, at G2E, the company organized an eSports tournament. Do you think you could repeat this same proposal at a Latin American fair?
We had two reasons for hosting the esports tournament at G2E. First was to give G2E attendees an up-close and in-person look at esports. It’s a fun new concept for casinos, and it helps people understand the activity and its potential when they can experience it first-hand. We also wanted to showcase the incredible graphic capabilities of our line of PixelPro digital displays, and because esports is a highly visual experience, bringing esports and our PixelPro displays together made a lot of sense. This is certainly something we could stage at an upcoming tradeshow in Latin America or elsewhere.

What is your opinion on the gambling market in Latin America?
This has been a good year for JCM globally, in Latin America, and in SAGSE’s host country of Argentina. Now that we look at the calendar for the last few weeks of the year, we are working closely with customers to plan for 2018 so that we can do our best to help our customers have the very best possible protection for their casino floors and make the best possible connections with their guests.

For JCM, what are the most important markets in the region?
We’ve been committed to Latin America for nearly 20 years, and today JCM is fortunate to have excellent customer relationships in Argentina and across Latin America. We view every relationship as equally important so it would not be possible for us to say that one market is more important to us than another. One thing that remains consistent across every market is our customers tell us that they rely on to provide the first line of defense against counterfeiters and other types of cheats, and that is a responsibility we take seriously.

If gaming regulations are approved in Brazil, would you be interested in investing in the country? Are you in talks with any local contacts?
Hearing the discussions that we did at this most recent SAGSE and at earlier events like FADJA and Juegos Miami, it’s safe to say the industry at large sees Brazil as having a very interesting business potential. At JCM we are ready to help Brazilian operators and regulators protect their gaming floors and the industry’s integrity by defeating counterfeiters and other types of cheats right at the bill validator. Because our validators employ a robust set of technologies, they are designed to act as the first line of defense. We will continue to closely monitor the situation in Brazil, and we are ready to move into the market today.

What objectives will you seek to achieve next year?
Our number one objective is to help our customer maintain the highest levels of security, and we will continue to work diligently in our R&D processes to stay at least one step ahead of criminals and the ways they attempt to exploit technology.
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