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September 16, 2021

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BtoBet to attend SiGMA

BtoBet to attend SiGMA
BtoBet is bringing its Technology iGaming Tour 2017 to Malta, a gambling hub located in the heart of the Mediterranean region.
Malta | 11/16/2017

After the exclusive technology meetings worldwide - in Latin America, Africa and Central–Eastern Europe - BtoBet is now bringing its Technology iGaming Tour 2017 to the heart of the Mediterranean region.


uring SIGMA, the international iGaming Summit in Malta, a special insight into the contemporary and future needs of the igaming industry will be revealed by BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried as a speaker at the technology talks planned during the summit.

At SIGMA, the multinational company is going to be once again a visionary and forerunner of change. In fact, for the first time in the gambling industry, BtoBet will bring an unprecedented show, mixing technology, art and music. How? By performing a spectacular metaphor, creating a meaningful parallelism between the igaming industry and the dancing spheres where harmony, balance, knowledge, trust and flexibility are essential to cement a relationship, allowing partners to stay tuned to the rhythm of the relative scenarios and succeed. Hence, in the same way partners must trust each other while dancing, sustaining their bodies and following the guide-steps of the choreography, at the same pace operators must totally trust their technology software providers to let them guide the gambling business in the best way.

Commenting on BtoBet’s participation in SIGMA, Eman Pulis - founder and CEO of Summit of iGaming Malta - said, “We are very pleased to welcome BtoBet’s totally new presentation at SIGMA this year. It is a farsighted software provider for the igaming industry and I firmly believe all the attendees will be amazed by the content and the style of its exclusive and breathtaking technology-show.”

BtoBet’s CMO Sabrina Soldá added, “I wish to thank SIGMA promoters who always support us. BtoBet is aiming to communicate the importance of a trusted technological partner to follow on the iGaming floor in order to let operations dance to the rhythm of the highest tech beat. I’m sure the novelty we are proposing at the MFCC during the upcoming week will leave the operators and all the attendees completely surprised and amazed at the same time.”
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