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September 24, 2021

Exclusive interview with Karen Sierra-Hughes, GLI Director, Government Relations and Business Development, LatAm and Caribbean

“The fight against illegal gambling remains at the forefront of regulatory activity”

“The fight against illegal gambling remains at the forefront of regulatory activity”
Sierra-Hughes speaks about the Peruvian gaming market, which she describes as “one of the most vibrant and progressive in the world”.
Peru | 07/07/2017

Sierra-Hughes speaks about the Peruvian gaming market, which she describes as “one of the most vibrant and progressive in the world”.


LI is a traditional exhibitor at Peru Gaming Show (PGS). How has the fair changed in these 15 years? How would you describe the 2017 edition?

We must begin by complimenting the organizers of the Peru Gaming Show for staging a very good, productive event. We were pleased to welcome attendees from across Peru and from around Latin America, and we were happy with the format, the location, and the attendance. It has been interesting to watch this show grow along with the gaming industry in Peru, which continues to be one of the most vibrant and progressive in the world. As we look back, we can see how much the Latin American region has changed over the past 15 years. Today, it is exciting that a great deal of companies from around the world – such as Asia, Europe, and North America – are turning to Peru and other jurisdictions in Latin America to expand their operations, and that is a compliment to the regulators who have worked incredibly hard and diligently to build up their jurisdictions and the public trust. Starting a few years ago, we were excited to see that the show expanded, and iGaming and sports betting suppliers were exhibiting along with land-based suppliers, which further incentivized new operators and investors to visit the show.

You assisted with the purpose of disseminating the services you provide beyond certification. What response have you obtained from regulators, operators and manufacturers who approached your stand?

Our stand was very busy, and one of the reasons is because technology continues to advance, and that is both a boon and a concern for regulators. The fight against illegal gambling remains at the forefront of regulatory activity, and to stay on ahead of criminals, regulators must understand the different types of gaming available. This understanding enables them to determine if a certain new technology will be part of a gaming-regulated environment, and this leaves less grey-area games available for interpretation and possible illegal operations. Before, during, and after the Peru Gaming Show, we have been working with regulators across Latin America to help them understand new and emerging technologies that we are encountering in our labs around the world. We have also been explaining technical processes and regulations that could be adopted that could allow a stronger guarantee of transparency, integrity, fairness and auditability of these games. This concern for the advancement of technology also affects both operators and manufacturers, who must always be informed about new trends and their different ways to, through certification, appropriate regulation and information of the gaming industry advances worldwide to offer safe, transparent and random products for their customers.

The great theme of PGS 2017 was the possible regulation of online sports betting in Peru. During the inauguration of the PGS conference cycle, Manuel San Román stressed that operators must go through the corresponding certification process before authorized laboratories. What aspects related to the certification process do you consider should be included without fail in the law and its subsequent regulation?

At GLI, one of our main objectives is to work with regulators informing them about new technologies, regulatory models, and cases that happen around the gaming industry in the world. Peru is a country with a robust regulation of land-based and is currently working on the regulation of Internet gaming and Sports Betting. The regulator, through his experience regulating land-based games, knows the importance of requiring certified elements and components to the suppliers/operators, since this allows them, in addition to ensuring that transparent and fair games are offered, to establish measures and inspection procedures that will help him in his management.  The open doors policy that characterized the Peru regulator also allows for the industry to discuss with them each ones point of view, experience and best practices implemented around the globe.

We can mention several aspects related and recommended in the certification of Sports Betting, such as: Security (ISS/ISMS), which is a crucial component of online operations in general, and that the gaming industry should focus on protecting the Information and prevent attacks that endanger the integrity of the game as well as fraud and theft. Likewise, Responsible Gambling measures should be considered as self-imposed limits, personalized messages to the player and self-exclusion measures. Another important aspect is the functionality of the base platform in terms of the registration requirements of the player and the use of high levels measures to identify the person, which are the base of regulations related to prevention of money laundering and prevent minors from having access to the game; as well as the history of credits, plays, balance. It should also take into account the payment methods that guarantee their level of service and reliability; the content platform, which in the case of Sports Betting include specific technical requirements for this type of operations that must be considered. Finally the objective is to guarantee the transparency and integrity of the game, where the verification of the integration of all the components that make up the complete system for the operation, closes the circle of the certification process.

In what other events of the Latin American gaming industry will GLI participate from here to the end of the year?

The first half of the year has been busy for GLI in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the second half will be very busy as well. We will be supporting land-based, online, and lottery regulators, suppliers, and operators at several events including:

Dutch Caribbean Gaming Regulation Forum, August, Curacao
XVI CIBELAE Congress, October, Panama
Gaming Market Colombia – GMC , October, Colombia
SAGSE Buenos Aires, November
Conversatorio de Juegos de Azar, September, Paraguay
Caribbean & Americas Gaming Forum, November, Florida

In addition, we will produce our own event, the 10th annual Latin American and Caribbean Regulators and government Lotteries Roundtable, October 9 and 10 at the Radisson Decapolis Hotel Panama City. This is an important regulators-only event, where we will discuss the most crucial issues of the day. Space is limited, and we encourage regulators to register today at

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