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June 23, 2021

Exclusive interview with Georgi Koprinarov, General Manager for Latin America, Casino Technology

"Casino Technology rejoice 10 years of success story in Latin America"

Georgi Koprinarov speaks about Casino Technology’s participation at the 2017 Peru Gaming Show, where the company not only showcased its latest gaming innovations, but also hosted a party to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Latin America.
Peru | 07/05/2017

Georgi Koprinarov speaks about Casino Technology’s participation at the 2017 Peru Gaming Show, where the company not only showcased its latest gaming innovations, but also hosted a party to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Latin America.


hat can you tell us about your experience at this year’s Peru Gaming Show?

After 10 years on the market in Latin America, Casino Technology has solid positions, built persistently over the years, with our customers by our side. Now having stepped on a firm foundation, we enjoy the achieved during the last decade. We are proud that our clients have become our partners and friends. So it is not exaggerated to claim that during the Peru Gaming Show, we gathered our friends and together we celebrated our 10th anniversary on the Latin American. For us success is measured not only by the years when the company operates on a market but also by the relationships it has managed to build with its customers. We wrote our story in Latin America with friends by our side, because we have been not only working with them, but for them. Partners from all around the country came specially to celebrate with us on our stand during the show and it was a great pleasure for Casino Technology to be the host of this warm gathering.

It was no mere coincidence that our motto for the anniversary was - 10 years of success story, written with you by our side. When business goes hand in hand with partnership, it cumulates to mutual respect and friendship, that is already a guarantee for good results.

By all said above, we could proudly affirm that we appreciate the show as successful. Casino Technology team strengthened the existing relationships and partnerships, and in the same time opened up new horizons when presenting our new line products, that peaked the company's anniversary.

What are Peruvian operators most concerned about these days?

The Peru land-based casino market is well regulated, making a pathway for establishing long lasting and stable relations for all involved. Considering the big picture, it could be hard to point out any specific problems that will affect the operators' work in some way at nearest future. At the same time, we all know that the northern part of the country has experienced devastating floods recently. At present everybody, and that includes the operators, has to deal with the consequences. We feel very optimistic because gradually the outcome of the natural disaster have been mastered and overcome. Slowly but steadily the damages have been restored and life again heads in its a normal course.

Can Peru become a successful online sports betting market? Why? How interesting is this market segment for your company?

Peru could become a successful online sports betting market. Surely there is interest from customers and operators but there are still major challenges to be surmount, mainly concerning regulations. Solving the problem with payment methods is of main importance as well. Casino Technology carefully monitors the development of this segment in the country. When regulation is in place, will clearly be of great interest to Casino Technology.

What’s next for Casino Technology?

During the Peru Gaming Show Casino Technology presented the company new line products and our main priority now is to make installations of our new entries. The Ez Modulo slot machine by no doubt was the preferred choice of operators and attracted the attention of the visitors during the show. The modular design is made explicitly for easy conversion. It was presented with the Speed King multigame – a combination of 60 games with successful math models. The two 27” HD monitors and the 24” topper of the machine exposed in the best possible way the Speed King game pack.

The new and improved TOWER slant top and the T3 slot were presented as well. The TOWER slant top stands out with vertically curved 43” display with 4K resolution and brand new multigame line, called TOWER 101 with 40 titles. The T3 new cabinet has solid construction and three 24"monitor, the main monitor is a touch screen. It has button deck and optional simplified key keyboard.

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