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June 25, 2021

Exclusive interview with Jessica Luna, IGT Senior Director Sales Chile, Andean, Central America and Caribbean Region

“The Peru Gaming Show is an important event for IGT”

“The Peru Gaming Show is an important event for IGT”
IGT’s CrystalCurve cabinet and the new diversity HD game bundles are only a few of the novelties the company will showcase on stand #61.
Peru | 06/16/2017

IGT’s CrystalCurve cabinet and the new diversity HD game bundles are only a few of the novelties the company will showcase on stand #61.


hat can you tell us about the products you're planning to unleash at Peru Gaming Show? Why is this trade show a good fit for IGT?

The Peru Gaming Show is an important event for IGT. As a leading supplier in the region, IGT values any opportunity that allows for us to connect with our customers and gain their valuable feedback on our products and services. IGT has a strong local presence throughout Peru, and we appreciate our local customers’ propensity to try new and innovative IGT products.

IGT will place a heavy emphasis on our next-generation content and cabinets at the Peru Gaming Show. In particular, we are excited to showcase our CrystalCurve cabinet and our new diversity HD game bundles. The CrystalCurve cabinet offers players a compelling player experience through its curved 43-inch, ultra-HD display. At the Show, IGT will showcase our latest Harley-

Davidson slot game and new versions of the Fort Knox   game on the CrystalCurve cabinet. Both of these themes have strong brand equity with players, and are themes that operators can place on their casino floors with confidence. I am also looking forward to demonstrating our new diversity HD game bundles 3, 4 and 5 on the AXXIS 23/23 cabinet. These games will be joined in our stand by a variety of other IGT solutions such as new TRUE 3D themes, S3000 games and “Proven Performer” titles from our core video portfolio.

How are you planning to captivate Andean casino operators and players alike?

IGT’s approach in the Andean market is fueled by several fundamental principles. First, IGT has established a strong local presence throughout the region. The most effective way to understand the unique needs of our customers and their players is to understand the nuances of their individual markets and serve as a local resource. IGT’s local presence enables us to be agile and quickly and efficiently address our customers’ needs. Second, we are producing quality solutions that are specific to the opportunities of the region. IGT has adopted a global test bank process for our video core content to ensure that our customers can place the Company’s “Proven Performer” titles on their casino floors with confidence. We also have a deep pipeline of games built on themes with international notoriety such as Harley-Davidson, Sphinx 4D, Jurassic World and Fort Knox. As a Customer First organization, IGT puts the operator at the core of our product and operational strategies.

What are operators most concerned about these days?

As an industry, we are focused on growth. This concept of “growth” means different things to different audiences, but IGT’s key objective is to help our customers achieve their desired levels of growth within their businesses.

How do you feel these gambling markets will evolve in terms of player trends and technology impacts?

As the world around us becomes increasingly more connected, and consumers more technology-reliant, an increasingly connected casino experiences is a natural next step. Technology and innovation comprise the backbone of the gaming industry and represent valuable forces that can help shape the future of gaming entertainment. One key area of focus for IGT is on mobile solutions that can enhance the land-based casino environment. For example, IGT’s Cardless Connect enables players to use their smartphones as a loyalty card and to transfer funds to and from a slot machine – replacing physical loyalty cards and TITO tickets. PlaySpot is another IGT mobile solution that enables players to enjoy a variety of gaming experiences such as sports betting, table games and slot games on a mobile device, while they are at a casino.

What does the future have in store for IGT?

IGT remains focused on supporting our customers and shaping the future of gaming entertainment through compelling content, innovation and new player experiences. We have a deep pipeline of content, cabinets, and systems solutions that we look forward to deploying in casinos around the world in the coming months.

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