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September 27, 2021

Exclusive interview with Aleš Gornjec, General Manager, Comtrade Gaming

“The challenge is to find the right balance between creating a unique, but cohesive experience for each channel”

“The challenge is to find the right balance between creating a unique, but cohesive experience for each channel”
Comtrade Gaming's Aleš Gornjec talks multi-channel convergence in the gaming industry and underlines the benefits of its sCore, iCore, gCore platforms for casino operators: "Our product lines recognize the necessity in consolidating operator, regulator a
United Kingdom | 02/27/2017

Comtrade Gaming's Aleš Gornjec talks multi-channel convergence in the gaming industry and underlines the benefits of its sCore, iCore, gCore platforms for casino operators: "Our product lines recognize the necessity in consolidating operator, regulator and vendor needs."


t is no news to the industry that ICE is a must-attend event in the gaming calendar, for it sets the trends that will determine the future of the sector. What's been your overall impression of ICE Totally Gaming 2017 and when do you expect to reap the benefits of your participation in the international exhibition?

As always, ICE is a stage for industry leaders in business, technology and innovation to exhibit the current trends and future direction of the gaming industry. One factor that remained consistent throughout ICE 2017 is that the global market is developing along our strengths. The industry continues to emphasize unifying land-based and online channels, player and operator customization capabilities and the power of monitoring systems to drive gaming forward. By presenting our core product portfolio, our product development centered around the focus that player data and business analytics curate the modern multi-channel experience.

Overall, industry events of this scale help shape our product strategy, emphasize individual markets that are or will be shaped by changing legislation and provide the platform to expand our business agenda. If ICE was a sign of things to come, it looks like we will have a very productive year.

Do you anticipate any major changes or hope to see any changes to the gaming industry in 2017 that are going to have an effect on the company's operations?

We are anticipating considerable changes to gaming regulations as covered by individual gaming authorities. The benefit of regulated markets is that business thrives when standards are enforced. Many countries are in the process of regulating different aspects of gaming, which opens opportunities in both land-based and online segments. This type of structure calls for casino solutions that include monitoring software and casino management systems, but will bring benefits that even players will recognize.

In terms of online channels, platforms will need to more effectively and efficiently manage multi-channel customer relationships, analyze online activity and improve operational strategies. Through a high degree of customization, platforms can dynamically targets players to sharpen industry practices and optimize the digital gaming experience. The online platform as a backbone to iGaming will need to anticipate and monetize the player journey to shape operator business streategy.

Luckily, our iCore platform already has all of this covered.

One of the hot topics at this year's ICE was Multichannel Convergence. What is your approach towards the cross-channel experience and why is this a key revenue driver for businesses? What are the main barriers to multichannel success and what is the importance of data?

The multi-platform user is the most valuable demographic in gaming industry and this statistic proves that operators are driven to think in terms of cross selling their products. Content must be tailored to each device and a bespoke strategy allows for products to target a range of user demographcis and content offers. As far as our mobile efforts go, we are investing and refinements in the game development frameworks with advanced animations to specifically focus on multi-device support. The gCore framework now encourages the reuse of components across different devices with advanced optimization to achieve refined user experiences. Our various product lines (sCore, iCore, gCore) recognize the necessity in consolidating operator, regulator and vendor needs and, through this, we automatically cater to multi-channel convergence.

The main barriers to multichannel success are finding the right balance between creating unique, but cohesive gaming experience for each channel. We have to equally optimize channels for clients as well as their players and learn to engage players through technical additions and client business objectives.

The importance of data is that it helps focus attention on individual activities and their relationship to one another. To remain relevant and competitive, the industry as a whole must monitor activity, make sense of the information and implement an appropriate responses to maximize internal goals. Player-centric platforms, such as Comtrade Gaming's iCore, recognize and sleekly record activity, compartmentalize diverse user preferences and respond intelligently to their anomolies and individual behaviors. Our land-based systems and online platform integrate data to make sense of channel activity on both legislative and business perspectives.

The information that is collected through our systems and platform includes behavioral data, descriptive attributes, interactions and attitudinal preferences. This form of player intelligence supports and helps create acquisition models, campaigns, audience segmentation and player lifetime value.

What is the industry lacking today and what can companies do to fill that void? Will the industry see a shift in focus from major casino suppliers over the next year?

Besides more regulated markets, the industry is developing at an impressive rate. There is a general interest in regulation and with that comes the need for standardised products and monitoring efforts. As more opportunties emerge, we will see strengthened positions among the casino suppliers whose products and technology effectively support market demands.

What are your aims for the year and how do you intend to achieve them?

Comtrade Gaming anticipates 2017 to be highly focused on managing prospective clients, refining our products and continued investments into strengthening the brand. We expect operators to optimize their digital experience and gain deeper understanding in the ways in which player data drives business value.

Our new licenses and contracts prove our expertise in land-based systems and online platforms. We are in the works to providing new and established markets with the technology to improve their national gaming. As we negotiate on new global entry points, Comtrade Gaming continues to anticipate regulator, operator and vendor needs and we adjust our participation along their priorities.

With this, we want to show that our emphasis on superior technology is engrained in all facets of the business.

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