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Exclusive interview with Gabriel Cianchetto, President, Greentube

Greentube President: An open platform is key to growth and success

Greentube President: An open platform is key to growth and success
With 2017 on the horizon, Gabriel Cianchetto outlines plans as Greentube looks to increase its US footprint among tribal and commercial casinos, and expand the already popular Greentube Pro.
United States | 12/21/2016

With 2017 on the horizon, Gabriel Cianchetto outlines plans as Greentube looks to increase its US footprint among tribal and commercial casinos, and expand the already popular Greentube Pro.


hat are the main directions or areas you are working on at the moment?

In many ways, we are just getting started. Our social platform, Greentube Pro has been yielding excellent numbers at Foxwood Resort Casino, we recently closed with Treasure Island and we have a healthy sales pipeline for 2017.

We realized early on that an open platform is the key to growth and success.

Early metrics for Greentube Pro indicate that we are outperforming our competitors, so we are aware that we are on the right track

Our main focus for 2017 will be to continue building our leadership position through continual improvement and innovation. The social gaming industry is constantly evolving and our priorities include anticipating and adapting to that evolution.

Tell us about your social casino deal with Foxwoods Resorts and the strengthening and expansion of that partnership toward the future.

In many ways, Foxwoods Resort Casino was the perfect first partner for Greentube Pro. They understood all of the benefits of a social casino and they were ready to replace their previous platform due to lack of performance.

Within five months, Foxwoods started realizing a noticeable surge in profits without even having deployed the full Novomatic library of games nor having spent a large amount on marketing.

In addition, we’ve brought more players mobile. Prior to working with Greentube, only ten percent of players accessed the Foxwoods Resort Casino social platform via a mobile device. After five months, Greentube Pro established a 50/50 balance between mobile and land-based computers. The key was to create a seamless platform that offers the same virtual experience and rewards. Players want to log in and double down wherever they have a broadband connection.

A lot of industry heavy weights have voiced their concerns over a possible negative impact of Trump's victory on the global gaming scenario. Where is the impact of his win more likely to be felt?

Trump won by running a nontraditional campaign and it’s safe to assume that his presidency will be equally unconventional

Instead of trying to predict the unpredictable, we are focusing our attention on Capitol Hill for now. Republican Senators Marco Rubio (FL) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) consented to champion RAWA and join league with Sheldon Adelson.

The net effect of RAWA is up for debate: on one side, a few states may push through igaming legislation in order to be grandfathered in, should RAWA be signed into law. Other states will avoid igaming completely in order to avoid the inconvenience of dealing with federal law.

What makes you excited about the industry's momentum?

The most exciting part about the industry is that it is still in its formative years. Casinos are realizing the power of brand recognition and how a well-run social casino can insert that brand into players’ everyday lives. Mobile play has grown significantly, meaning that we are no longer just on laptops and desktops; we are in people’s pockets and packed away into their luggage and briefcases.

Another emerging trend for social is the emergence of skill games and esports as a means of appealing to millennial players. Social gaming is aptly positioned to appeal to a demographic that demands a broad selection of games and mobile play.

What comes next for Greentube? What new developments can we expect to witness from Greentube under your leadership?

We have a two-track plan for 2017 that involves the expansion of our US footprint among tribal and commercial casinos as well as our commitment to the constant improvement and expansion of Greentube Pro.

Our to-do list for 2017 includes further optimizing marketing automation and segmentation, improve mobile access across web, iOS and Android platforms and – of course – expand content offerings to satisfy existing players while attracting millennials with games that correspond to their modern preferences. 

As for Greentube, we have the advantage of our Novomatic pedigree, and we are also looking at future synergies with Ainsworth following the acquisition of a majority share of the company that is expected to complete mid-next year.

How would you describe the year gone by in one phrase?

“If you rest, you rust.” Social gaming is a proven marketing vehicle and revenue generator.

Casinos that decided to move forward in 2016 will have an advantage over those who adopted a “wait and see” attitude


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