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June 22, 2021

Exclusive interview with Karen Sierra-Hughes, Director of LatAm & Caribbean Government Relations and Business Development, GLI

GLI forecasts “great potential for iGaming” in Argentina

GLI forecasts “great potential for iGaming” in Argentina
The gaming testing expert took part in the recent SAGSE exhibition in Buenos Aires, and Yogonet took the opportunity to chat with Karen Sierra-Hughes about the future of the market. “There may be a possibility in the long term for a national regulation
Argentina | 12/02/2016

The gaming testing expert took part in the recent SAGSE exhibition in Buenos Aires, and Yogonet took the opportunity to chat with Karen Sierra-Hughes about the future of the market. “There may be a possibility in the long term for a national regulation with the agreement of all the provinces that will greatly benefit the country and allow for a strong industry,” she pointed out.


ow was SAGSE Latin America 2016 for GLI? What differences did you notice from last year?

SAGSE Latin America continues to be a beneficial show for us because we are given the opportunity to meet with clients and discuss not only upcoming trends in the gaming industry, but also new products seen on the tradeshow floor. Clients are also given the opportunity to directly ask our experts various industry-related questions and discuss their specific concerns. Because the gaming industry is so fluent, we saw a vast array of new products on the floor this year, and the creativity and new technology never ceases to amaze us. With the rise of sports betting, eSports, Daily Fantasy Sports and iGaming, we are excited to see what the future holds.

During SAGSE, the San Luis Lottery presented its online game website,  In addition, the Mendoza regulator expressed its intention to launch also an online game project at the provincial level.  What is your opinion regarding these initiatives? How do you think online gaming in Argentina will evolve?  What contribution can GLI make to the market?

GLI has been active in Argentina for more than 15 years, so we are very familiar with the current state of gaming and the great strides the country has made to legalize and control various activities

GLI is ready and willing to offer Argentinian regulators, operators and suppliers the support they need to be successful in advancing online gaming in the region. Because each Province has competency in gaming, it will be crucial that if they decide to regulate per jurisdiction separately, clear requirements are established to allow controlling the activity within their territory. Argentina has great potential for iGaming because of their vast population, and there may be a possibility in the long term for a national regulation with the agreement of all the Provinces that will greatly benefit the country and allow for a strong industry that will eradicate illegal gaming currently offered without control and without paying taxes to regulators. GLI has worked with multiple jurisdictions around the world to not only establish technical standards, but also consult on policy development. GLI brings its impartiality and wealth of knowledge to every regulatory development project. Especially for online gaming, it is crucial to adapt regulations to specific needs of the jurisdiction, including the evaluation of its challenges and limitations.

There are many factors outside of gaming that must be considered, and they will impact the way regulations must be enacted

There are also many examples of jurisdictions in Europe, Australia, North America and some in Latin America that have regulated iGaming. The key is to review those experiences, study and analyze them, take the best from each, and customize certain aspects in order to thrive from a successful launching of an online gaming operation. GLI understands all of this, and our goal is to work with a local focus and global knowledge and experience. We will be honored to be considered by Argentina and each of its Provinces to support their efforts to regulate this growing part of the gaming industry. 

On December 14, Georges Didier will moderate a free online training in Spanish.  What is the main objective of this webinar and what kind of participation do you expect?  Do you plan to make other webinars for Latin America?

We are extremely excited to offer a Spanish webinar, which is focused on the basics of certification. Our goal is to present a general step-by-step explanation of the certification process as well as include high-level information about the components and devices that should be tested. Our webinar features four expert speakers from GLI that have experience in different technical areas, providing attendees with a very well-rounded presentation. We will be discussing the submission and testing process for land-based and iGaming products, the math evaluation (including the RNG and RTP certification) and the compliance and Quality Assurance (QA) role in the certification process. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask our experts directly about any questions they have concerning the topic. With the growing amount of Spanish speaking manufacturers, local software development and interest of many regulators in adopting technical requirements, this webinar will be beneficial to suppliers, operators and regulators. To register for this free webinar, please visit This will not be the only webinar that we host for Spanish speaking clients.

GLI also conducts face-to-face training, the most recent being in Chile.  Are you working with other regulators in the region to provide similar training?  Do you have an agenda for the coming months?

The GLI University program is extremely important to our efforts in supporting the Latin America and Caribbean region. There is so much interest from the regulators to continue to professionalize their employees and increase their knowledge on gaming and lottery related topics. We expect to impart more training during the following months. In fact, GLI had been providing training for more than 12 years now in the Latin America and Caribbean region in more than 20 jurisdictions so far. Each training is developed per the client’s needs and is customized to their expectations; therefore, the agenda will depend on the training requested. We are always willing to consider the possibility of doing a face-to-face open registration seminar in the future. The Latin America and Caribbean
Regulator’s Roundtable is also part of the GLI University program, and we have been celebrating this event for nine years in a row. For more information on the GLI University program, please visit (English) or (Spanish). For more information on field inspection services, including training, please visit (English) or (Spanish).

A few days ago GLI announced the appointment of Gerardo Pozo Villar, Latin America Government Relations and Business Development Representative.  What are the company’s plans for this region in 2017?

Our Latin America and Caribbean team is expanding as our client base grows so that we can continue to offer proper support to this thriving region of the world. The decision of bringing Gerardo to our team was a natural decision for GLI. We are committed to providing the utmostservice to all our clients, and to be there for regulators to meet all of their needs by providing immediate assistance to suppliers in their commercial expansion efforts. With the continued opening of new markets in the region, we plan to remain attentive and proactive, offering regulators, suppliers and operators the advice and services they need to be successful. With offices in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Lima and a laboratory in Argentina, we are more than ready to continue to support the Latin America and Caribbean gaming and lottery industry.

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