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October 15, 2021

Exclusive interview with Domenico Mazzola, Head of Sales, IGP

"The gambling market has a piece of cake for everyone"

Seeking to increase IGP's presence “in the territory”, the company decided to take a stand at the SAGSE Latin American trade show that took place in the city of Buenos Aires on November 15-17. Head of Sales Domenico Mazzola discussed the highlights of
Argentina | 11/30/2016

Seeking to increase IGP's presence “in the territory”, the company decided to take a stand at the SAGSE Latin American trade show that took place in the city of Buenos Aires on November 15-17. Head of Sales Domenico Mazzola discussed the highlights of the event with Yogonet and analyzed the gambling industry in general which, he is sure, has a “piece of cake for everyone.”


his is your first time at SAGSE. What brought you to the show?

We are always looking for ways to increase our reach and network. We decided to take a stand here because we already have connections with operators in South America, so we wanted to further increase our presence here in the territory.

We felt it would be a perfect opportunity to create visibility of our brand and concept. We are merging three existing companies and launching the new brand, iGP. It is a combination of 6 hubs: GameHub, PayHub, TournamentHub, NetworkHub, CommunicationHub and ExperienceHub. All six represent our unique solution.

At SAGSE, our focus was on promoting GameHub which provides operators with the option to integrate content from game providers with just one API

So clients have flexibility and choice. Operators can receive over 1,500 games with just one integration. Plus, we have our own white label solution, we offer great features for buyers who might be looking for either a new website or new complete solution.

Games include Casino, Sportsbooks, Video Slots, Poker and Virtual, offering potential clients everything they need to successfully grow their business.

How do you analyze visitors' feedback?

We have received good feedback, our stand looked great and we made valuable contacts. It was a good decision to showcase our brand here. We will be back again in 2017 to see how the market has grown and also to see what opportunities are available. It is a two way street of course and we hope that our latest features will also improve the market as well.

Have you decided to exhibit at SAGE because of Argentina's change in politics following the 2015 presidential elections and the victory of now President Mauricio Macri?

We are not politically motivated at all, no. Simply because we have clients here in South America and wanted to meet them and also network to discover new potential partners and clients.

Are you interested in Brazil considering current gambling legalization efforts in that country?

We have been going through a merger so we are still working on our overall strategy for 2017, but yes, of course, South America is a growing market, so every country that is planning to legalize the business is interesting for us.

Speaking of merging process, there have been several mergers in the gambling industry in general. In the UK, for instance, there is the recent merger between Ladbrokes and Coral. Is it something positive for the industry or do you think such operations only result in less and fewer players controlling the market?

The market is continuously growing, so in the future, there will be a piece of cake for everyone, especially if you have the option to join with other companies that share the same perspective and vision

We started with 10 people and are now 60. It is a different working force, we can improve our product and become more competitive. It is also beneficial for customers since they will acquire a stronger product.

Did you have the chance to attend or visit the recently held G2E Las Vegas show?

We are not currently looking at the US market. Also because we are going through a merging process, our main market is still Europe based, so our current focus is on this territory. I think once the merging process is complete, we would be in a stronger position to explore additional business opportunities internationally.

How do you see the industry in Europe?

I think it is growing a lot like in other parts in the world. Of course, Europe is a different market compared to the South American one because it is more mature, it is a different kind of market. Players need a different kind of product, every market has its very own characteristics, depending on your business and what you can do, and the kind of your product. As I told you before, there is room for everyone.

How do you manage to offer a competitive option considering Europe a “mature” gambling market as you mentioned with consumers being tempted with several options?

For us, it is simple. For our game hub, for instance, we just integrate different game providers. We integrate providers that are strong in Europe, others that are stronger in South America, Africa or Asia. We are in that kind of position.

The same for our white label because the front-end can be different but the most important thing is content. If we are able to provide a different kind of content, with different partners, we take have problems with managing different countries and needs. We just need to adapt to the demands of client's needs and the country's regulations.

Talking about countries' regulations, how do you analyze the Brexit vote?

Personally, I think that the iGaming business is not something that will change soon, nobody really knows how Brexit will affect businesses yet because the terms of the exit are still being finalized.

If something changes, it is estimated to take 2 years but there is no definite answer yet.


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