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September 27, 2021

Exclusive interview with Giorgio Gennari Litta, Monografie President

"Argentina is a phenomenal potential market with brillant future"

Several companies have decided to put down roots in Buenos Aires by opening offices in the Argentine capital, organizer of the SAGSE Latin America show Giorgio Gennari told Yogonet in an exclusive talk. And that, he said, definitely turns the gambling eve
Argentina | 11/14/2016

Several companies have decided to put down roots in Buenos Aires by opening offices in the Argentine capital, organizer of the SAGSE Latin America show Giorgio Gennari told Yogonet in an exclusive talk. And that, he said, definitely turns the gambling event into big pportunity to seize.


ambling giants such as Novomatic, Ainsworth and EGT are heading back to SAGSE this year. What are your expectations for the show? Why do you think these companies have decided to make a market comeback?

SAGSE reflects the change in Argentina's politics, more trade flexibility and foreign currency liquidity which suit international trade operations. Argentina is back in the world scene, becoming so far the most attractive market in Latin America. Several companies are opening their offcies this year in Buenos Aires, a fact that contributes to their precense in SAGSE.

On the other side, we have carried out more than 7 events over the year across the region.

SAGSE One has strenghtened SAGSE's image

We have met with business leaders to analyze the regional scenario, understand their needs and act accordingly. All these positive results, we will see them in this year's SAGSE.

Meanwhile, we continue to innovate and create quality content by delivering training seminars: SAGSE University, SAGSE College -technical training provided by JCM Global-, and the new SAGSE Global Security. Also, the Global Gaming Woman, the EntreteneRSE Awards to encourage Company Social Responsibility, the CASCBA study which will introduce a research conducted by the Di Tella University on gambling addiction in Argentina among many other activities.

This show has been thought for 24 years now to provide the opportunity to boost new technologies knowledge and provide solutions to the sector. The industry's trends will addressed at this annual meeting in Buenos Aires. We have again added educational sessions for leaders and executives to provide them with business and professional tools.

All leading companies, manufactures and land-based and online gambling sectors as well as national and international institutions that have traditionally participated in SAGSE have chosen this event as the most important shop window to exhibit there products and innovations, aware of the possibility to position their brands and expand their markets within a professional framework.

We firmly beleive the new scenario in Argentina's gambling administration represents an engine for continuous growth

From SAGSE, we offer optimum conidtions and unique business opportunities. It is a phenomenal portential market with brillant future.

All training activities require attendees' ealry registration. Which has been so far their response? What turnout do you expect?

Their response has been highly positive. There is a lot of interest in knowing more and more. We noticed the market reacted to the need for training and knowledge. We have been improving the academic offer year after year and the market seems to be accepting the challenges we present.

IGT Senior Sales Manager María Florencia Bobbio and Farmacity Human Resources Director Mariana Ibero will be the leading speakers at this year's Global Gaming Woman LatAm edition. How do you think their message will contribute to women in the gambling industry considering, for instance, that Ms. Ibero has no experience in the sector?

Their careers reveal an interesting combination of talent, technical abilities and virtues as well as adaptability. They will share with other women in the sector their experiences as motivational mentors and leaders. These are motivational talks that aim at a paradigm shift, seeking to strengthen the role played by women in the gambling industry. This event allows us to demand equal rights of women and men in the business world.

We want to thank IGT who will serve as Sponsor Platinum and Estudio Kifki for their support to this noble cause

The event will go the following way: first, we will briefly go over their professional and personal history. They will then analyze the hardships they faced during their careers and what issues or people helped them to overcome the crisis. They will explain how they managed to keep a balance between their personal and professional lives, addressing the diferrent perspectives about gender matters in the industry and the plans to improve that situation. It is very importat to count with the point of view of a successful woman that comes from a different industry to learn from her experience.

Having said that, the event aims at getting to know the new female leaders that are building future paradigms, sharing experiences, inspiring and understanding that we are all here to improve the industry and that if we work as a team all the hardships can be overcome or we can at least deal with them the best way possible. By the end of the conference, participants will have time to make questions.

Why can't operators miss this year's SAGSE Latin America?

More than 150 leading international brands will be showcasing their products and services for bingos, lotteries, casinos, iGaming, sportbooks, etc. We offer international conferences, side events, networking, the best combination of business and social events in the region, the best nightlife in Latin America, the best Malbec wine and beef in the world and Buenos Aires in summer time.

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