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June 24, 2021

Based on the latest Intel 6th Generation Core platform

New AIO Gaming Solution from Ganlot

New AIO Gaming Solution from Ganlot
Ganlot has launched the new AIO gaming solution PGB-8130 based on the latest Intel 6th Generation Core platform to the market.
Taiwan | 07/11/2016

Ganlot has launched the new AIO gaming solution PGB-8130 based on the latest Intel 6th Generation Core platform to the market.


aming applications are increasingly elaborate with fancy visual and sound effects and require multi-displays as well as higher resolutions reach to 4K. Existing games present a heavy workload on the hardware platform and this workload will only increase with future games.

Besides powerful graphics performance, gaming applications also require strong security protection. Stunning visual and sound effects enhance players’ experience, and strict security protection is needed to secure the game data to remain the fairness of the game.

The Ganlot PGB-8130 integrates with the latest Intel 6th generation Core platform, featuring high levels of I/O integration, great graphic performance and low power consumption. Providing great computing functions and graphic performance, game developers or casino operators can perfectly deploy their games or casino software and systems with it.

As a result of continuous research of new materials and technologies, Ganlot will introduce to the market and customers various gaming and security features as well as wide range of software and firmware customizations. With the customized API, PGB-8130 can quickly connect with the gaming peripherals for fast time-to-market.

In the field of gaming, an AIO board with Intel 6th generation Intel Core Processor can increase the quality of computing performance and improve the player experiences

With DDR4-2133 supported, the increased memory speed can support more elaborate gaming content.

With 4K display at 60Hz and 3x independent displays, it can achieve the best effect of multiple-screen games while importantly reducing the cost of maintenance.

DMI has been leveled up from 2.0 to 3.0. Its speed has been improved from 5GT/s to 8GT/s, which can overcome current slow data transfer from I/O, Super I/O, USB ports or PCIe slots.

Ganlot has surveyed the market and been listening carefully to the customers’ demands and requirements to a good gaming board.

Ganlot designs and brings a good gaming solution to the customers. We look to our customers’ positive feedbacks with the outstanding Ganlot products which can meet their unique needs perfectly.

For more information, visit Ganlot's website.

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