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September 22, 2021

Exclusive interview with Aleš Gornjec, General Manager, Comtrade Gaming

"Comtrade Gaming will present an upgraded version of the iCore at ICE"

For the eighth time, Comtrade Gaming, a leading independent software provider to the gaming industry will be exhibiting at ICE. Yogonet talked to its General Manager, Aleš Gornjec.
United Kingdom | 01/26/2016

For the eighth time, Comtrade Gaming, a leading independent software provider to the gaming industry will be exhibiting at ICE. Yogonet talked to its General Manager, Aleš Gornjec.


here are lots of technology companies out there, but what is it about Comtrade Gaming that makes you stand out?

Comtrade is a large IT company with over 25 years of experience in different technology sectors. We have deep knowledge in both online and land-based gaming. On the interactive side we stand out with our iCore platform. It is our most successful product that simplifies online gaming operations and excels in player engagement and retention. This is very important nowadays, as players are becoming less and less loyal. On the land-based side, our competitive advantage derives from the sCore gaming management system that can manage and monitor gaming machines within casino and distributed gaming environments.

What makes our products great is definitely our technical excellence combined with a comprehensive understanding of the gaming industry. Our platforms and systems are built around open architecture, making them an excellent choice for vendors and operators who strive for a multi-product and multi-channel experience.

Why should visitors visit Comtrade's booth at ICE?

That is right, this will be our 8th ICE already. And we have plenty of new things to show this year. We recently launched an upgraded version of iCore, The Enterprise Gaming Platform. Our sCore, Gaming Management System, has been extended with a multi-protocol support to connect legacy and distributed gaming machines. Many exciting things happened on the game development side as well, gCore, Comrade’s games and game server, now support a wider set of devices and can be used to implement games in with 3D graphics.

You mentioned iCore 2.0, an upgraded version of your online gaming platform. How did this product come about and what role do you see it playing in the future?

The 2.0 version is our product`s first major upgrade. It features three years of improvements based on our work with existing clients. iCore 2.0 includes new player engagement features, and it’s mobile and sportsbook support were upgraded also.

In order to extend player engagement features, we decided to introduce the Award Games suite which is built on top of iCore’s innovative bonusing system. Its purpose is to help operators reward their players with bonuses using engaging games instead of the traditional ‘deposit match’ bonuses.

They are awarded instantly during mobile or desktop gameplay ensuring prolonged game play and brand loyalty.

While adding all the features we managed to ensure that enterprise level performance was left untouched and that iCore is sustainable for most traffic intense sites.

Where do you see your company this time next year?

2015 was the most successful year in our history. Our goal is to be able to say the same next year. There are plenty of opportunities in the gaming industry, both on the legislative side and the operational side. It is important to listen to what the market currently needs and be able to react quickly and fulfil those needs. We invested a lot of time and effort to build proper infrastructure in terms of flexible open platforms supported by skilled teams so that we can react quickly to market demands. And that is what we know the best.

Find out more about the iCore platform by clicking here.

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