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June 24, 2021

Exclusive Interview with Nick Hill, Commercial Director, EveryMatrix

“At ICE, EveryMatrix will display its forthcoming next generation platform, EveryMatrix 2”

“At ICE, EveryMatrix will display its forthcoming next generation platform, EveryMatrix 2”
EveryMatrix's Nick Hill talks ICE and business projections. “We are indeed interested in adjusting and offering the best gaming solutions to Millennials,” he comments.
United Kingdom | 01/20/2016

EveryMatrix's Nick Hill talks ICE and business projections. “We are indeed interested in adjusting and offering the best gaming solutions to Millennials,” he comments.


hat do you expect from this edition of ICE?

It goes without saying that ICE Totally Gaming 2016 in London is the highlight of the industry calendar and a unique gathering place for all the major online gambling players in the world.

We are happy to be present in London and participate in one of most exciting gaming events of the year. As any other major player in online gambling, we are naturally interested in preserving our present connections and meeting new prospective partners, talk to esteemed friends in the industry and making new friends, and finally we are indeed drawn to discovering any emerging technology that could advance our business in this fast-changing industry.

What products will you be showcasing?

We are excited to display our forthcoming next generation platform: EveryMatrix 2. This major change affects all our gaming products and we are more than happy to give additional details at our stand: N6-310.

Besides the complete rewriting of OddsMatrix into a best of breed sportsbook solution, more flexible than ever before, CasinoEngine and GamMatrix Evo aim to leverage cutting-edge technologies of real time analytics into the next dimension of business intelligence data and offering tools, whereas PartnerMatrix is the first platform that enables our clients to run a complete affiliate management system.

What will be the key trends in the gambling arena in 2016?

This is a large subject to discuss and it could easily cover an entire article. To keep it brief, we would like to notice the global tendency towards implementing gaming regulations in a growing number of countries.

Everybody observed over the last couple of years an impressive market development, especially in Asia, but shifting from a global approach to a local focus, suppliers and operators are required to cooperate and respect the latest legal requirements from a jurisdiction by adopting a change in mentality.

These days, we can easily observe a larger number of companies and people participating in many conferences and events in the industry, taking place mainly because throughout the world most national states started creating the legal frameworks and legal conditions for online gambling to grow.

There is no reason to believe this major trend should stop any time soon. As new countries regulate and approve online gambling activities into their own backyards, we at EveryMatrix must keep up and remain flexible and open to the latest market trends.

Is there a secret recipe to success for next-generation gaming operators?

First of all, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all method to reach success for all operators in the market. Along the years, we noticed how operators follow different methods to grow and we can recognize at this point many variables that need to be acknowledged, from the financial means available, the experience in the industry, the selected location, the legal framework, etc.

Nevertheless, we are able to mention a number of essential features that can be added to an online gambling website in order to be successful. And they are not a secret.

For instance, if we talk about some of our successful clients, we can easily discuss about the Betit products - Kaboo, and – and use them as examples of clients that commit themselves to revolutionize the world of gaming, by bringing to the table amazing gamification and loyalty features, elements very much appreciated by players.

We can continue with additional examples, but we believe it’s easy to notice the essential features in building an extraordinary gaming platform:
• A great bonus and loyalty system to support and improve user experience
• Best casino games selected from award-winning providers in the industry
• Successful media coverage by creating strong marketing campaigns

To simplify things and come with a straight answer, we would say the "secret recipe" to become a success story in online gambling for operators is to find the overall balance between providing a great user experience and offering an advanced game-changing platform to keep up with the latest market developments.

The gaming industry is going through deep changes. Why is it so important to come about with new legislation?

Indeed, we are safe to say that online gaming industry is going through a period of change and we can notice the increasing number of countries throughout the world adopting and enforcing gambling legislations.

We are aware that regional frameworks are important for software suppliers and operators, and not only from a legal point of view. The necessity to obtain a gambling licence is an important part in every operator's activity, but it is also an important element to be considered by any software supplier that develops gaming products for various regions of the world and needs to adapt to every particular jurisdiction.

At the same time, we should not forget that players from particular jurisdictions have to be protected from black market practices, lack of state legislation and online threats.
From our point of view, we believe that creating a legal framework throughout the gambling world involving online and land based gaming activities can only be truly beneficial to players, who can be protected from underground illegal gambling practices and online threats lurking on gaming websites impossible to control.

Though change may seem difficult to predict and anticipate, we believe it is nothing but a normal process every major industry goes through all the time, especially a thriving one like the iGaming world.

What are the firm 's business goals both in the short and long term? Are millennials one of your target demographics?

In the short term and medium term, we would like to continue following our present product road map for EveryMatrix 2, so that we may be able to improve the gaming solutions we deliver to our clients.

We invested heavily in rebuilding the EveryMatrix gaming platform in order to keep up with the latest demands in the industry and we reimagined our gaming solutions to deliver fast integration capabilities, stability and smooth operation for every online operator. Our excellent developers brought about new amazing APIs that allow faster integration and usability, more gaming products for the casino and sportsbook solutions, a higher number of payment options and better front-end customization options.

As for "Millennials", who are tech-savvy, mobile and much involved in social interaction experiences, we are indeed interested in adjusting and offering the best gaming solutions.

To achieve our purposes, we can intervene in assisting our clients with more customization and personalization features that can be used to deliver that ultimate gaming experience every operator dreams to offer.

High flexibility and modularity, powered by extensive APIs, will empower operators with full control over their frontend, building their own bonus engine and increase players' activities through automatic personalization in order to offer the best user experience.

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