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June 23, 2021

Exclusive interview with Olive Chuang, Senior Director, Ganlot

“The Casino Management Solution was our best-selling product in 2015”

“The Casino Management Solution was our best-selling product in 2015”
Ganlot's Olive Chuang assesses the achievements of the company during 2015.
Taiwan | 12/23/2015

Ganlot's Olive Chuang assesses the achievements of the company during 2015.


hat were the main obstacles the industry had to overcome in 2015? How have market challenges affected your company's performance?

In 2015, the main obstacles for the gaming industry were regulations and market changes. Unlike other industries, the gaming market is vivid and lively. The regulations and rules are constantly changing, as seen in Macau and some European markets, and this represents a big challenge for companies that don't know the markets well. That is the reason why Ganlot is always following market trends and studying different approaches to new regulations; we have to be prepared for market changes.

There's always competition and obstacles in the market, but we can always dig out new opportunities. With more than 10 years of experience in the gaming arena, we have many successful stories with customized projects all over the world.

What was your best-selling product? To what do you owe its success?

“Casino Management Solution”, which is based on RISC platform with different display sizes, was Ganlot’s best seller product in 2015. The management solution is not only providing casino operators to read player’s behavior, but also to store, process, and display information to player. In 2015 we also had a big success on AWP and casino management solution. Ganlot provides completely from design to API S/W service with dedicated S/W team. We have already impressed the word by professional RISC capability.

Ganlot knows the gaming industry is unique and adopts different strategies towards different regions. We provide AIO gaming boards for Europe, while setting module solutions for the USA. In recent years, we had breakthroughs in the European market by AIO gaming board based on different platforms from X86 to RISC solution. We have done the most outstanding performance with AWP in Europe, by understanding local Jurisdiction and specific design.

Besides Europe, the 2015 G2E Las Vegas proved very successful for Ganlot, as we had the chance to present a variety of modules and our strong weapon, the “Divine Kit”, which helps customers keep their carrier boards and change the modules without any pain by porting the S/W.  

We never stop developing. Now, Ganlot is looking forward to the coming year. We expect customers to be surprised by our new solutions of G2S converter and OSD H/W solution with the latest platform. Our mother company, Portwell, is one of Intel premier members and also AMD embedded premium partners. Our solution is always leading and innovative.

Brief us about your business plans for 2016.

We are going to reveal our new technology at the upcoming ICE show in London in February, 2016. The feature products for the show will be the OSD hardware solution with video and touch mixing technology sources from games and casino management contents, and output to a single video of slot machine will achieve the picture-in-picture function and enrich the player experience. As a professional solutions provider, we always bring a variety of product lines to the market. We focus our design not only on AIO gaming boards and logic boxes, but also on innovative solutions.

We are also planning to ally with international partners, so that we can integrate the software technology together with the hardware, even to the cabinet constructions. In the near future, all the Ganlot products will also be G2S solution ready.

Looking ahead, what will be the main challenges for gambling-related companies?

The continuously changing regulations and government’s jurisdictions will lead to an unstable industry. All gambling-related companies will be affected. However, we have close cooperative relationship with customers, and we always listen to their feedback and requirements. We adjust our strategies to meet the needs of our customers. Markets rise and fall all the time, but Ganlot is surely to achieve greate results in 2016.

Being an industry expert is one of the keys to success. Companies that don't adapt to changes in the industry get easily left behind. Listening to our customers is our priority because it helps us gain a clear understanding of their unique needs.

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