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October 25, 2021

Will unveil its latest PowerPlay 500 console, among other products

Video King to showcase at G2E Las Vegas

Video King to showcase at G2E Las Vegas
Video King will once again introduce its latest line of innovative gaming products at this year’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.
United States | 09/07/2015

Video King will once again introduce its latest line of innovative gaming products at this year’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.


he company will exhibit the CHAMP-e, its new Android gaming tablet, and CHARGE-e, its patent-pending, wireless charge rack, with possible applications beyond the gaming industry.

Not only is the new charging system virtually foolproof and theft-proof, but incredibly simple to service.

Its key features include a sliding door that can be key-locked to ensure tablets can’t be removed, further enhancing security measures.

Capable of holding 10 tablets per rack, its new power supply and mechanical workings are all serviceable from the front, greatly impacting maintenance ease.

Using less power than before, the CHARGE-e also has a 2:1 charge ratio, meaning for every one hour of charge, you’ll get two hours of run time.

But how the system works is what has “ignited” gaming industry insiders, who have already previewed the new device.

That’s because CHARGE-e with its seamless design, uses conductive technology or making contact to create the charge.

To charge, simply place the tablets horizontally on the shelves, like you would a pan in the oven. Once on the shelf, there is no possibility for misalignment, there are no connectors. You can put it in straight or crooked, as long as the screen side is up, according to Video King’s team of engineers.

Part of the firm's next generation of gaming devices, the CHAMP-e, features a sleeker Wi-Fi design, brighter, 1280- x 800-pixel screen, greater processing power for more complex patterns, along with a 10-plus hour run time.

Touted as a new dimension in gaming, the CHAMP-e is also capable of playing both cash and our highly popular, credit-based games, featuring even more dynamic and interactive themes.

Powered by the CHARGE-e, the 10-inch device will be enclosed in a rubberized casing, with adjustable stand, its screen shielded by specialized glass, for added protection against drops and breakage.

In addition to more enhanced, high-resolution graphics, this portable, touch-screen tablet will also include a series of animations, featuring our canine mascot, “Champ,” in a variety of new poses.

To help businesses run more effectively and efficiently, OMNI, its MICs-compliant, multi-functional Bingo management systems, has a series of new features, designed with direct input from Bingo hall managers, with varying needs from diverse jurisdictions in all sizes of halls.

Key components include point of sale, inventory control, cash management, players club, including point rewards, marketing and advanced promotions, with do-your-own gift certificates and vouchers, all designed for touch-screen, making it easier to learn and administer.

New modules include debit- and credit-card processing, bar-coded paper scanning (available late 2015), desk/paymaster integration, allowing the caller to automatically provide all wining prize amounts to the paymaster; as well as jackpot accruals and signage, a prized feature that’s quite progressive in terms of Bingo, enabling users to manage and update their progressive prizes automatically.

Boom Bingo, a unique Social Bingo game network, allows Bingo halls to deliver a wide range of live caller Bingo games to players on their computers, tablets, mobile phones and Facebook.

To help further promote Bingo halls and charities, Boom Bingo is offering a free, six-month trial, a $3,000 value, through Video King, offering a vast array of the most popular, online games.

In addition to the Corona Integra II, the brand's deluxe, hands-free Bingo console, Video King will unveil its latest PowerPlay 500 console, designed with a forward-facing plasma screen.

For those who want to “SuperSize” their game, Video King has developed yet another way to visually enhance your Bingo game, our TriplePlay Bingo Display.

By splitting the electronic flashboard image into three, hi-definition (HD) channels, everything can be much, MUCH bigger – as it is spread across three TV screens.

Aligned in the shape of a traditional flashboard, two of the monitors will show the 75-number flashboard, and the third, the other game information, including game name, pattern, ball called, ball count, or even the ball image.

In addition, to Video King's QuickShot Bonanza games, including Mermaid’s Quest and Potion Commotion, now with more animation, free cards and bonus rounds, the company will also launch a brand-new Poker-themed Bingo game.

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