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June 23, 2021

SIJUEGO Medellin concluded with success

Government, unions, manufacturers and operators analyzed the present and the future of gaming in Colombia

Government, unions, manufacturers and operators analyzed the present and the future of gaming in Colombia
The V International Gaming Symposium, SIJUEGO took place in a friendly environment at the Hotel Intercontinental Movich in the city of Medellin, Antioquia.
Colombia | 08/06/2015

The V International Gaming Symposium, SIJUEGO took place in a friendly environment at the Hotel Intercontinental Movich in the city of Medellin, Antioquia.


he installation was in charge of Elizabeth Maya, President of CONNAZAR, Jose Anibal Aguirre CEO or 3A Productions SAS, the organizing company and Carlos Salazar, Manager of GANA, who as the leader of betting in Antioquia, was invited to present a welcome to the 100 participants from all the sectors of the gaming industry and national and foreign lecturers.

The conference of the General Tax, Rent and Contributions Inspection Agency, ITRC, presented by Herbert Harbey Romero suggested and presented the mechanisms and operations of this new entity created by the Ministry of Treasury to watch the transparency in the management of COLJUEGOS, DIAN and UGPP.

The second conference on July 28, “Sports and Virtual Betting in Latin America” had the intervention of Juan Barrachina from Kambi, Spain; Machinandiarena from Spingol Argentina; Thomas Buchler from Suiza; Mario Pajaro from Golden Race Venezuela, who covered a wide panorama of the business and its multiple possibilities and development in the rising market in this sector of Colombia.

Estela Varsavsky, national consultant, presented her talk by internet via Skype “Latin America heading towards regulation”. The conclusion spinned around the need to quickly advance in the regulation of betting as an optimum method to control illegality and increase the collection of resources for the health of Colombians

Zoran Svetik from SIQ Eslovenia, was the speaker of the conference: “Certifications for the Jurisdiction of Colombia,” on the importance of the certification laboratories for the legality of the gaming industry and its relation with the needs and operation of each country and region in particular.

The academic conferences had a space for an exchange for questions and answers among the attendants, a meeting that extended itself until the integration and networking lunchtime which took place in the terrace of the Hotel Intercontinental.

CONNAZAR presented the “Prevention Model and Asset Laundering,” and highlighted the importance of the Association of Compliance Officers of Localized Games, ASOJUL. Amilcar Gomez, Marketing Manager of GANA participated in this panel.

The second day of the symposium, Carlos Alberto Ante from the Investment Banking and Eduardo Rincon from Asofactoring presented the opportunity of finding new sources of financing for operators and manufacturers of electronic slot machines, which is necessary to replace a great number in the country, in order to adapt ourselves to the requirements of the Online connection system that is operating.

On Thursday midmorning, a Video Lotteries conference was given by Alejandro Kowalski de Betware/Novomatic Lottery Solutions, after the presentation of the lecturer’s topic by the Executive Director of the Colombian Lottery Federation, FEDELCO, Luz Stella Correa.

The group Grupo Antioqueño de Apuestas S.A, GANA and its spokesperson Alejandro Gonzalez gave a convincing presentation on the business growth, current service portfolio and future products that definitely expand the lottery agencies as multigaming places and net services. With the Mega Suerte project the incursion of GANA also presented in the line of casinos.

At noon on July 29 Cristina Arango Olaya, president of COLJUEGOS the regulating entity of the financial monopoly of the gaming industry in charge of the State, arrived at the Antioquia Hall of Hotel Intercontinental, Her conference was awaited with great expectation by the public present because the topic she was going to deal with was fundamental for the future of gaming in Colombia, referring not only to the perspectives and new regulations of this stream in the country but especially the “Advancement of the Online Connection System.” The public listened to the reasons for the delay of the initial schedule of this project. It was confirmed that the connection testing with the necessary adjustment will continue and that in the month of October, 30% of the machines operating in Colombia should be interconnected to COLJUEGO’S central server. Cristina Arango also referred to the Connection Sports Betting, Online Games and Virtual Betting which, in a globalized world cannot be stopped and on the contrary, they must be legalized and regulated as soon as possible, which is the intention of the National Government.

A debate was opened with operators present and it was recognized that a dialog and participation environment was being given in a very different climate to those of meetings held in the immediate past. On the questions asked, the President of COLJUEGOS was precise in affirming the imperative of the legal mandates that cannot be ignored, even if they currently imply great challenges for businessmen.

Lunch was a very important friendly meeting moment while savoring the typical dish of the Department of Antioquia, known as “Bandeja Paisa.”

In the first hour of the afternoon, the conference on Company Social Responsibility took place, in which Jorge Valencia Jaramillo presented the event Casino Night by the Actors, with the support of the unions FECEAZAR, FECOLJUEGOS, CONNAZAR and FEDELCO, thus establishing the date to carry out the event in Bogota, with the principal headquarters at Casino Crown of the T Zone, on September 24th of this year. The presidents of the federations had the opportunity to share their experience as unions and their future expectations.

The President of the Actors Foundation Sociedad Colombiana de Gestion, SCG, David Noreña, an nonprofit organization which will be the beneficiary of this social cause in favor of the situation of the actors. José Aníbal Aguirre, CEO of 3A Productions SAS, director of this initiative, closed the presentation announcing that the Colombian gaming industry had joined the project with the contribution of important resource for the Actors Foundation SCG.

The closing of the conferences, was made by Leon Dario Montoya and Gloria Montoya, of the CONSULJUEGO SAS company who provided their knowledge of the requirements, risks and opportunities of the "Concession Contracts and the subsidiary responsibility of the State".

The Commercial Trade Show that took place beginning 4:00 pm during the days of the event, had the exhibition of Agi Gaming Novomatic, Alfastreet, Boss Gaming, CN Cortar, Gana, Gold Club, Conexmet, Golden Race, Mega Suerte, SIQ, Automated Transactions, Colombian Poker Tour, ABC Winners, Asofactoring, Arma tu Casino and ASAP, reporting a wide fulfillment of high level businesses and Networking.

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