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June 24, 2021

Exclusive interview with Giorgio Abbiati, CEO, Abbiati

“Abbiati is confident that Macau will soon bounce back”

“Abbiati is confident that Macau will soon bounce back”
Mr Abbiati kindly sat down for an interview with Yogonet to chat about the firm's participation at G2E Asia show and its business, strategic plans: “We're extremely pleased with our collaboration with Christophe Leparoux.”
Macau | 05/18/2015

Mr Abbiati kindly sat down for an interview with Yogonet to chat about the firm's participation at G2E Asia show and its business, strategic plans: “We're extremely pleased with our collaboration with Christophe Leparoux.”


hat products will you be showcasing at the forthcoming G2E Asia show?

The Asian market is key to our company and we will introduce products addressing specifically Asian operators concerns. Following our collaboration with partner suppliers as well as our in-house engineering, we will showcase a large number of innovative security technologies features now available with our existing and brand-new ranges of gaming chips and plaques. A new baccarat table featuring a video screen player interface will also be displayed.

Why does the Asian market represent a significant opportunity for your company?

Before 2011, Abbiati Casino Equipment had a limited presence in Asia. Since then, we have focused R&D and marketing  resources to better service the region’s markets with, as we advertised, quality and security products you can trust. Introducing new security features, but also new material and technical combinations, improved manufacturing facilities, enhanced sales and marketing support, Abbiati Casino Equipment is now recognized in Asia as a leading supplier of gaming wagers, table gaming equipment and a RFID technology provider through our partnership with WDTS. Our under-one-roof-production-plant based in Turin, Italy, certified by various jurisdictions such as Singapore CRA, gives us an edge when it comes to guaranteeing a secured and high-quality source of supply to casinos.  We do not subcontract any part of our manufacturing process, our workforce is very professional and dedicated and our location far-away -although one-week airfreight away- from the “field of operations” is itself a protection against any potential fraudulent activity from within.   

How is the firm’s collaboration with Christophe Leparoux going so far?

We are extremely pleased with Christophe’s consultancy services. His company, Golden Cathay Consulting provides us with great advice not only on the proper approach of the Asian markets and the specific requirements of the gaming operators but also on the products development. Christophe’s collaboration on our R&D programs and our understanding of the Asian market environment has been extremely beneficial to our success. We expect him to carry-on playing a very significant role in Abbiati’s ongoing expansion in Asia.

Macau is known to be a gambling paradise, but Ever since Chinese President Xi Jinping launched an anti-corruption campaign, less money has been played in country casinos. How does it affect your company? What will businesses have to do to overcome the crisis?

We are aware of the difficult situation Macau has been facing recently with the GGR declining month after months and the slow-down of the pace of development. At Abbiati we are standing-by as much as we can with our customers by providing reliable, cost-effective alternatives. Over the course of the last few months we have witnessed some bugdet tightenings, projects delays... Still we are confident that the market will soon bounce-back with better performances. We are also pursuing our commitment to other Asian markets such as the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other South-East Asia territories.
What are Abbiati’s plans for the year abroad?

As a part of the strategic plan started last year, our company welcomed on board Misty Rodda, our Miami Based Businesses Development Manager of the Americas. Recently we appointed Angus Noble as Abbiati’s Sales and Commercial Director. Noble, in addition to the sales growth, will be involved in the strengthening and development of our company’s relationship with our partners, the leading companies in gaming industry.
As during the last years, Abbiati Casino Equipment will continue to invest their efforts in R&D, focusing in particular on the security of the casino currency products. Also, to secure the high-end quality to all of our products as always will remain our key priority.

What are the best emerging market countries to invest in?

Asia as a whole is still a thriving market with opportunities, Australia has engaged in new mega resorts and projects. But there are also opportunities in some Central Europe and Central Asia countries as well as on the African continent.  

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