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June 23, 2021

Exclusive interview with Charlie Johnson, Digital Element Vice President, UK and Ireland

“IP geolocation data can be used to enhance player experience”

“IP geolocation data can be used to enhance player experience”
Digital Element's Charlie Johnson explains the importance of Geolocation technology in regulated markets, while highlighting the benefits of NetAcuity Edge.
United Kingdom | 05/13/2015

Digital Element's Charlie Johnson explains the importance of Geolocation technology in regulated markets, while highlighting the benefits of NetAcuity Edge.


ecently, you announced that online gaming operator bet365 has opted to integrate Digital Element's NetAcuity Edge IP geolocation technology into its global gambling platform. What does this represent for your company?

We are delighted that bet365 – a forward-thinking gaming company striving for excellence – has chosen to incorporate our leading NetAcuity Edge into their global gaming platform. The partnership further cements our position as a key solution provider for the gaming industry.

Is this the first deal that you have closed with a sports betting firm?

Digital Element has long been established as the global leader in IP geolocation technology, and as such our solution is trusted and deployed by a number of sports betting companies, as well as content providers, ecommerce platforms, publishers, financial institutions and many other organisations

What benefits does NetAcuity Edge offer? 

NetAcuity Edge combines IP routing infrastructure analysis with anonymous location insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners, resulting in highly accurate and granular IP intelligence data that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy. It enables the identification of the location from which a user connects, as well as how they connect. NetAcuity Edge is the only accredited IP solution available on the market.

This brings two core benefits to gambling companies:

Geographic legislation compliance: Online gambling best practice requires the identification of a visitor’s location based on their IP address, to ensure that the user is accessing from a country or region where online gambling is permitted. NetAcuity Edge is a premium IP solution that enables the accurate identification of users’ IP location to permit or restrict access to a gambling site. It also includes accurate proxy data ­– information that is absent from low-cost or free IP databases – which enables the identification of visitors attempting to cloak the country from which they are accessing, and restrict access.

Serving relevant content: Deployment of IP geolocation data allows geographically relevant content to be served, improving engagement. For example instantly displaying a website in the correct language and currency removes the need for country selectors, reducing bounce rates and improving conversion rates.

We have seen gaming companies taking IP geolocation to the next level. Do you think geolocation technology will become a trend within gaming?

Basic country-level geolocation technology has been used extensively by gaming companies for a number of years, largely for compliance with geographical legal restrictions.

We have seen gaming companies deploying more granular, post-code-level targeting alongside other data parameters ­– such as home vs business use, connection type, ISP, SIC and demographic data – to create user segments. These user segments are then used to generate local product offerings, which enhances user engagement and increases brand awareness, ultimately boosting revenues.

Additionally, gaming companies are working to combat an increase in fraudulent activity by individuals looking to avoid country-based restrictions, which has resulted in more sophisticated IP spoofing. Companies are utilising Digital Element’s proxy database, the most accurate and comprehensive available, in addition to detecting suspicious traffic from hosting centers and blacklisted countries – as part of the first line of defence against fraud.

NetAcuity Edge is an effective one-source solution that is simple to integrate into any gaming site and manage in-house. Conversely, publically-available data has patchy global coverage, is rarely updated, is limited in terms of data parameters identified and is inherently inaccurate.

How can this technology enhance player experience?

IP geolocation data can be used to enhance a player’s experience in a number of ways. The recognition of connection type reveals exactly how a user is accessing content – be it via desktop, mobile or another device – allowing gaming companies to customise experiences accordingly and deliver them in the most compatible format.

Companies also use IP data to help profile both registered and unregistered users, to discover typical behaviours based on similar existing data segments. This allows the company to serve content that is known to drive better engagement.

Addtionally, localising content makes a user experience more meaningful, for example by immediately presenting local sports information makes a website more engaging and enhances the player’s experience.

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