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September 23, 2021

Albert Radman, Sales Director, Alfastreet

“Alfastreet’s R8 Roulette is taking over the Colombian market”

“Alfastreet’s R8 Roulette is taking over the Colombian market”
Radman sat down for an interview with Yogonet, where he discussed the company’s expectations for the upcoming FADJA event and its strategic plans to achieve 2015 business targets.
Colombia | 03/18/2015

Radman sat down for an interview with Yogonet, where he discussed the company’s expectations for the upcoming FADJA event and its strategic plans to achieve 2015 business targets.


hat products will you be showcasing at FADJA 2015? Which one, in your opinion, is going to be the star of Alfastreet's booth?

We are looking forward at the upcoming FADJA edition, as we feel it has a great importance for Colombian market and wider. We'll be present with our line of electronic roulette machines, the R8 and the compact, yet powerful R4 and some premieres for this market, the fully automated Black Jack machine with the live dealer option, the Alfastreet on-line management system and the virtual horse racing Derby server.

Our R8 Roulettes is taking over the Colombian electronic roulette table market as we installed numerous units throughout the country in the past couple of years. The show is one more chance for us to claim our position and make sure the visitors are impressed with the product that currently has no real competition.

Bearing in mind that the brand's participation at ICE was a success, do you feel more pressure on you to meet customer's expectations?

We expect great attendance on the show and our products will do the rest, with a little help of our sales team.

We don’t feel pressure at all, as we are always demanding the best from our resources, and we really put our mind and soul into each of our products. The success at this year's ICE came as the result of this business philosophy. Alfastreet considers each customer as a partner, which one of the secrets behind the popularity of our machines.

What are the firm's challenges for this year?

We have presented some groundbreaking novelties this year, and we have our hands full – one of the major endeavors is venturing into a new area for Alfastreet, that's the slot machine production. It is a big challenge indeed, but the first impressions surprised us. Other than that, we'll continue to reinforce our position at current markets, and expand out presence in the world in general.

How are you planning to keep expanding your business worldwide?

Of course we work with distributors in various countries. In the last six months we managed to secure new connections with trusted partners, on strategic markets. All the deals will be announced in the near future and for us, the most important is that they are committed and efficient in getting the company the place it deserves.

How do you see the gaming industry today? What changes would have to be implemented so that it becomes more efficient?

The industry is still doing well; we are confident this will not change, although there is a large diversification of the gaming products; new ways of reaching the players, such as online and mobile gaming are slowly, but steadily getting important shares of the market. A big part of it is the legislation of governing bodies of specific countries that can have a big influence on gaming development.

How important is it to bring about new legislation to regulate gaming? How does this impact on revenue?

The legislation always determines the development of the gaming business on a certain market. If it's made wisely, it can benefit everybody involved and bring huge investments into the country, if the elected officials don't do it correctly it can harm the economy and the development. We are lucky, that we “only” have to worry about making some of the best gaming products in the world.

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