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July 27, 2021

PRI and PRD representatives report

Mexico: Broad consensus to approve the new gaming law

(Mexico).- PRI and PRD parliamentary coordinators at the Chamber of Representatives anticipated that there is a “broad level of consensus to approve the new gaming law,” which aims to bring a new regulation to national casinos.


he coordinator of PRI in San Lázaro, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, said that it is necessary for the country to have a new law on the matter, so that betting centers do not proliferate in  an orderess manner.

"(This is) a project with a broad level of consensus, considering that the Law of Games of Chance and Draws currently in force is not what we want and has allowed for the proliferation of illegal gambling centers, so it is necessary to have a new law,” he said.

In a press conference, Beltrones Rivera explained that this Wednesday the Political Coordination Board will notify the Special Commission about the scope of casinos and the outcomes during the presidency of PRD legislator, Fernando Zarate, so the board can express an opinion on the document.

Besides, PRD Coordinator, Miguel Alonso Raya, anticipated that his parliamentary group is willing to approve the new initiative on games and draws soon.

Proposals to amend the law delivered

The organization “Di No a los Casinos” ('Say no to casinos') delivered to the new presidency of the Special Commission on Casinos of the Chamber of Representatives a document with a series of requirements that, from their point of view, should be incorporated to the new Law of Responsible Games and Draws.

The representative of the organization, Daniel Olivares Villagómez, explained that, when the presidency of the commission changed in San Lazaro, that situation caused a delay on the approval of this new law that will completely alter the operation scheme of casinos “and will damage the economy of Mexican families.”

The main requirement that this organization demands of the chamber of representatives is that they should incorporate in the new law the obligation of the operator to elaborate a “record of players", with the aim to control the origin and destiny of the money allocated in bets.

According to Daniel Olivares, it is necessary to know who spends money in casinos, the time and flow of capital allocated, as well as being clear about the type of expenses of the casinos and the businessmen involved.

The representative of “Di No a los Casinos”  also insisted on the fact that the implementation of a casino supplier record is  necessary, because this sector of the industry will be the one that obtains  much of the winnings, since technology and technical elements used in betting centers will depend on them.

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