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June 22, 2021

In order to boost the interest of foreign investors

Mexican operators demand the casino license extensions

(Mexico).- According to the Association of Licensees and Providers of Games and Draws AC, (APPJSAC), the new Law on Games of Chance and Draws that is about to be approved by the Chamber of Representatives,  will have a positive impact on the industry. However, they are also demanding an extension of the licenses and as the legalization of mini casinos.


PPJSAC President, Alfonso Pérez Lizaur, indicated that the representatives are working on a bill to regulate the industry, but considers an improvement in the text is needed in order to bring more legal certainty to national and international investors.  

 “I think that a new law is sensational because we will have a secure legal framework, a situation that doesn’t exist today. From the point of view of the legal certainty, I think that in general, the law is very good,” he pointed out.  

Nowadays, the legal framework that rules games of chance and draws in Mexico has been in place since 1947. Segob, along with federal representatives, have worked in recent months to generate a new bill. The project stipulates new rules and sanctions for casino licensees and operators; it expands the specifications to obtain a license; it homologates and controls the operation of machines, tools and software used by the industry, and establishes the National Games of Chance and Draws Institute as a regulatory entity.

Pérez Lizaur admitted that, in last two six-year periods, especially in theFelipe Calderón Hinojosa administration, the industry has presented “an important number of irregularities.”

Unfortunately, he said, “the regulatory entity was corrupted and we find that there were a great number of casinos under being treated unfairly and with significant irregularities, and the new one will stop those kind of irregularities and so we applaud that.”

Pérez Lizaur, who is representative of 18 companies and providers of the gaming industry, says that two issues have to be analyzed regarding the possibility of a new legal frame. He explained that, when legislators gather with officers of the Secretaries of Government and Finance to analyze the initiative, they will ask for a revision of the years of validity of a casino license.”

He considered that ten years, as the initiative says, and the renewal of a license for an equal period, is a very short time and is less attractive for a businessman willing looking to invest. He pointed out that, in the sector, there are opinions that licenses should be extended to 12, 15 and up to 20 years, with the same extension time.

According to the President of the Association, the ideal period for a casino license is 20 years, with a 10-year renewal.

With regard to the so-called minicasinos, he considers them to be necessary, but said that the facilities should have the same regulation as betting centers that operate with more than 30 machines.


The initiative to be debated by legislators offers a special disposition to enable a company to operate up to 30 machines, which is considered a mini casino. This situation is one that, according to the entity, must continue, but rather than considering it an exemption, it must be considered a part of the requirements to open a traditional casino. The solution is simple: everyone eager to open a casino, whether it has only one machine or a thousand machines, must comply with the same requirements. “

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