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October 27, 2021

The law establishing the gambling region was passed in July, amid simultaneous efforts to block online gambling

Russia announces new gambling zone in Crimea

(Russia).- In the wake of the recent attempt by Russia to block online gambling and online poker, Russia has announced that it plans to develop and create a new gambling zone within the recently annexed country of Crimea.


ith this information being discussed, it has become quite clear that Russia plans on developing Crimea into a thriving tourism and gaming destination to both stimulate the new economy of the territory while also creating new interest and attention for the area.

Although gambling was outlawed in Russia with a decision made by Vladimir Putin in 2009, there were four gambling zones established to create additional revenue for the country. A new gambling zone in Crimea would be Russia’s fifth gambling zone and create a unique way to include the territory into the country without a heavy financial burden.

Crimea, which belonged to Ukraine before the crisis, could have incomes of 527 million euros a year and reorient its economy, according to estimations by experts cited by Russian press agency Itar-Tass.

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