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June 22, 2021

Jon Lancaster, WMS Executive Director of Sales, International

“WMS has established a direct approach to the Peruvian market”

(Peru, exclusive Jon Lancaster, WMS Executive Director of Sales, International, granted an interview to about its recent participation at the Peru Gaming Show and the products presented there. He also talked about the evolution of the gaming market in Peru and in Latin America in general, reflecting a deeper focus on the needs and preferences of specific regions around the world.


hat were your expectations for this show?
We are excited to showcase our latest products for this market in particular. Reflecting a deeper focus on the needs and preferences of specific regions around the world, we are presenting five Local Area Progressive themes in the new Monster Progressives and Colossal Jackpots series .In the Monster Progressive series, we will be showcasing the Far East Fortunes II, Coronado Gold, and Red Eagle themes, and in the Colossal Jackpots series, the Open Kimono and Lunaris themes will be displayed. These Local Area Progressive games, as well as the Game Chest Multi-Game series, have been specifically created to meet the particular needs of international customers. The Game Chest Multi-Game series supports different languages, currencies and multiple unique game sets, each comprised of a proven mix of WMS content.

WMS is committed to providing value to casino operators with a wide range of gaming solutions, emphasizing the superior graphics and increased player engagement enabled by its next-generation CPU-NXT3 operating platform, and the Blade and Gamefield xD cabinets. These cabinets are currently among the strongest performers in the industry. We also have a full range of themes to support our BB2e cabinet.

In the last couple of years, how has the Peruvian market evolved?
WMS has been very active in the Peruvian market for a number of years, and we have been very successful. In the last year in particular, WMS has established a direct approach to the market: we now have our own office, we have our own sales and technical team, we have our own administration team, and we are selling and placing products directly in the market. In the last twelve months, we have placed and sold more machines in this market than ever before, so it is very exciting to see this success.

Is it the only Latin American market where you have an office?
No, we have offices in Argentina and in Mexico, and through Scientific Games, we have a number of different facilities around the continent.

And what are the differences between Peru and the rest of the Latin American countries?
We believe, from a gaming perspective, that Peru is a mature market with a very good legal framework and a very good tax regime. The standard of the venues is excellent, as well as the standard of the operations. We find that our customers here see success with new products, so we have a chance to place our latest products in a very sophisticated and mature market. 

You mentioned that Peru is a mature market?
From a gaming perspective, we find that this market is mature.  Thanks to the vision of the Peruvian regulators, the casino marketplace has grown and developed in a way that is exemplary for many Latin American countries. Today, Peru is a model for modernized casino management. The enforcement of slot accounting systems was instrumental in removing illegal operations and has greatly supported the growth of the industry. Peru has a stable economy, a solid legal framework and a favorable political environment.  These elements have helped to establish Peru as a solid marketplace for many casino manufacturers.

And do you have local products and local teams?
We have game development teams in studios around the world, and they develop products for different demographics around the world.  For this marketplace specifically, we develop a large percentage of our products in Spanish, and we also take care to create themes that are more suited to these markets as well. We have a renewed focus on meeting the preferences of players around the world, and that presents itself in the products we are rolling out. We research the player base so that we understand what the player wants, and we develop our games accordingly. The merger of Scientific Games with WMS Gaming has given us the opportunity to expand internationally like never before. We are developing products tailored to specific international marketplaces and have invested in local talent within these marketplaces in order to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

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