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October 17, 2021

Karen Sierra, GLI Director of Latin American Development

“We expect this year’s PGS to be another terrific show”

(Peru, exclusive “GLI has been at the forefront of gaming regulation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for more than 16 years,” Karen Sierra, GLI Director of Latin American Development, said during an interview with The executive also discussed Latin America’s regulatory frameworks and online gaming potential.


hat are your expectations about PGS?
The Peru Gaming Show has always been very good for GLI. We expect this year to be another terrific show, where we will be able to meet with long-time regulatory and suppliers’ clients from across Latin America. 

What products will you exhibit? Do you have anything specific for the Peruvian or Latin-American markets?
GLI does not have products in the traditional sense; what we will be discussing is our wide range of services, including consulting, rule-writing, field services/inspections, professional services, and of course, our land-based and iGaming testing services. We will also be discussing our exclusive tools which speed time to market for suppliers, such as our award-winning and patented GLI Link, Point.Click.Transfer. andPoint.Click.Submit..

What are the main benefits/features of the products that you will present?
For regulators, we offer consulting, rule-writing, field services/inspections, professional services, and of course, our land-based and iGaming testing services. The benefit regulators get when using GLI’s services is peace of mind that the devices and systems on the casino floor in their jurisdictions are fair for everyone – players, operators and the state. A high level of confidence and trust is the base on which the entire industry grows.

For suppliers, our exclusive tools such as GLI Link, Point.Click.Transfer. andPoint.Click.Submit., along with our GLI Standards Series reduce R&D time and expenses and speed time to market. GLI Link allows devices to be tested against systems without the expense and time of shipping devices all over the world – now the testing can be done over the internet. With Point.Click.Transfer.,suppliers can easily transfer previously certified products into jurisdictions around the world with a simple click of the mouse, instantly opening the global marketplace. With Point.Click.Submit., suppliers can submit their testing requests online, saving time, paperwork and expense. 

These tools are available only at GLI, so when regulators and suppliers choose GLI, they get so much more than just testing.

What do you feel next year holds for the industry?
There are many legislative changes in the Latin America region, either jurisdictions considering legalizing gaming or looking to establish a clearer and stronger legal framework for the industry.  All these changes benefit the industry and its growth and will set a good example and trends for the Region to continue its regulatory development. On the technology side, we expect a growth in the interest of the regulatory entities to understand, regulate and introduced new technologies. iGaming will also be an important topic for the coming year.

How is the company positioned in Peru/Latin America?
GLI has been at the forefront of gaming regulation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for more than 16 years. During that time, we have been fortunate to work very closely with the General Direction of Casinos and Slot Machines (DGCJMT), more recently during the development of the Monitoring and Control Systems (SUCTR) regulation and the Client Server Systems regulations, advising regarding the technical requirements, based on GLI’s extensive test lab experience. GLI is currently in the process of testing and certifying the accurate delivery of the data to the MINCETUR data center for various systems suppliers worldwide. GLI was the first laboratory authorized by MINCETUR to certify the SUCTR models in December 2010 and since then, the company has been the leader on certifying the majority of the systems in the country. We have also conducted several field service operations and regulatory training. In Latin America, we maintain the same role by working closely with emerging jurisdictions and well established ones that are looking to expand their regulations to allow for new technologies. On the supplier side, GLI is the main lab providing testing services for Latin America suppliers, and we are very thankful for giving us the opportunity to work with them and understanding the added value that GLI services represent to their expansion plans.

What is your opinion about Latin American regulatory frameworks?
Specific to the Peru Gaming Show, Peru has worked very hard to establish a strong set of regulations and guidelines for operators and for suppliers, which in turn give great confidence to players. We have every reason to believe Peru will continue to be a strong gaming marketplace with excellent growth potential.  It had been proven that a strong regulatory framework attracts solid and stable investments into the jurisdictions and as referenced before we predict a trend of more changes on the legal side next year.  

How do you see gaming industry in general?
The Latin American region has entered into the interest of the worldwide gaming industry. The increase in representation of suppliers from other regions in the gaming show, and the certification demands from out-of-region suppliers had been nonstop in the last years and we expect this interest to continue to grow.  The possibilities of regulation of iGaming in some jurisdictions, as well as the regulation and licensing of a new type of games such as VLTs, Sports betting is also contributing to this growth. On the other side, we also see a trend in Latin America suppliers expanding to other regions with their products, and we are happy to be the certification entity that will help them take their approved products worldwide.

What countries have a higher growth potential in online gaming?
That is really a question for market analysts, so we’ll leave revenue and growth projections to them. As an independent test lab, we will say that, like land-based gaming, for online gaming to grow it must be built on a foundation of mutual trust between players, operators and regulators, and proper testing, certification and regulation play key roles in establishing and maintaining that trust. 

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