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Carlos Sara, International Chief Sales Executive of Legendary Distributions

Baum continues its incursion into the Latin market at PGS

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(Peru).- Carlos Sara, International Chief Sales Executive of Legendary Distributions, the exclusive distributor of Baum Games for Latin America and the Caribbean, expressed the firm’s interest in the Latin American Market. Baum will be present at PGS 2014 at stand No 78 exhibiting Up Right and Slant Top cabinets.

Baum has initiated an aggressive campaign to introduce its product in Latin America. How is this incursion developing in the Latin Market?
Extraordinarily! Baum Games has been present at the fairs in Colombia and Panama. Simultaneously, Baum machines are also being tested in Mexico and Colombia with excellent results.
Will Baum be present at the Peru Gaming Show? What products will they exhibit?
Of Course! Baum Games will be at stand No 78, exhibiting our Up Right and Slant Top cabinets, as well as our different multigame versions, to advertise to the Peruvian operator  all the advantages or this machine.
What is your sales strategy, compared to that of your competitors?
Other brands sell their machines well above US$ 20,000. Baum´s strategy is very simple, to produce a quality product at an honest price for the Latin Market. Our intention is to sweep away the market. For the Peru Gaming Show, we are launching a promotional price below US$ 9,900 for the machine, this includes all the importation taxes and the machine is even delivered in Lima.
The finance manufacturers are getting more and more friendly over time. Under these conditions, will the operator be able to buy expensive machines without affecting his immediate cash flow?
It is very probable, but this is another urban legend of the industry: “Purchase a US$ 20,000 machine and pay it in 36 months… The machine pays for itself”.
The machine doesn’t pay for itself, the operator that bought it pays for it, but he must work 36 months to pay the machine and after this time, the factory launches a new platform and he must buy the new product, thus the operator enters in a vicious circle.
Then, what is Baum´s proposal?
To offer a product that can be paid in 12 or 15 months at the most, giving the operator or client one or two years to take advantage of the profit that the machine generates, before having to consider renewing it.
Will Baum´s discount policy match that of its competitors?
This is another fantasy: “The machine´s price is US$ 25,000, but we will give you a 10% discount and even up to 20%.....” After the discount, the machine still costs US$ 20,000. Baum does not give discounts, because its list price is unique and honest.

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