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September 24, 2021

Over the first four months of this year, 95,265 inspections were conducted

Macau smoking ban to enter into full effect in October

(Macau).- A full smoking ban in casino rooms will be implemented on October 6, the Health Bureau announced yesterday. Specific rooms for smokers, however, will be created within casino premises. The separate smoking rooms will be closed, and will also be equipped with extractor fans. However, there will be no gaming tables available in these rooms.

[By applying] this measure we are clearly separating the areas for smokers and non-smokers, reducing the conflicts resulting from the law’s implementation,” the Health Bureau said in a statement.

Yesterday, the Health Bureau also provided data on the number of fines related to the anti-tobacco law. 2,852 people have been accused of breaching the law since January 2012, when it first came into effect.  Over the first four months of this year, 95,265 inspections were conducted. Fines were applied to 2,846 people over smoking in prohibited areas.

Furthermore, the Health Bureau has revealed that the majority of these offenders (1,863) are Macau residents. 884 fines were issued to tourists, whilst non-resident workers committed99 breaches of the law in question.

Finally, data provided by the Bureau shows that since the law entered into force, authorities have overseen the supervision of a total of 510,420 premises, and have recorded 19,179 cases in which the law was breached.

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