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October 15, 2021

Russia is considering the creation of a Gambling Zone in Crimea

Business in Goa could be affected by Russian invasion of Crimea

(India).- It is hard to imagine that Goa has been affected by the recent Russian invasion of Crimea. However, the many Russian businessmen who have been operating in the Goa region are now looking to relocate to Crimea. Since Crimea is a peninsula surrounded by the Black sea, these Russian businessmen will be able to take advantage of the fact that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, will be converting Crimea into one of the biggest gambling centers in the world.


ith the recent invasion by Russia of Crimea, Goa has also been impacted with businessmen now looking to relocate. According to sources in the Russian government, Putin is hoping to make Crimea a top gambling destination just like Macau. Until a month ago, Crimea belonged to the Ukraine but this area has now been taken over by Russia who will be introducing their systems in the region.

Crimea also offers Goa businessmen proximity to Europe, excellent weather and beautiful beaches so it makes sense for them to be relocating to a Russian dominated location.

To date, it has been reported that that almost 20,000 Russians live in Goa and they are said to be involved in a variety of businesses ranging from real estate to drug trafficking. Unfortunately, locals in Goa are no longer willing to accept their business practices and are requesting stricter measures to be applied.
Despite these tensions, the soon-to-be-implemented visa on arrival (VoA) in Goa will continue to make this the perfect destination for Russians.

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