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September 21, 2021

Dubhe Montal - MGI Marketing Manager

“Miss Gaming aims to cover more than 12 events this year”

(Mexico, exclusive ).- Dubhe Montal, MGI Marketing Manager, talked to about the plans for Miss Gaming this year and how it features at FADJA 2014, where the next Miss Gaming contest will be held. “I would like to highlight the development of [Miss Gaming] events in three European countries in October this year,” Montal said.


ecently, you held the event in the Dominican Republic, where Cherry Jaquez was crowned the winner. Tell us about the event.
The event is becoming increasingly important there – the second to take place in the country. The turnout was greater this time. Delivered at the Paradise Punta Cana, the event exceeded expectations. A stunning photo shoot with all candidates in swimsuits on beautiful Sanctuary hotel beaches will be published in our 2015 Yearbook.

What other events are you preparing for this year? What 's new?
The next Miss Gaming contest will be held on April 23 -24 in Colombia, at FADJA. Something I would like to highlight is the development of further events in in three European countries in October this year. 

Beyond beauty contests and social responsibility actions, the organization has its own publication: its Yearbook. How 's distribution going and what backing has the magazine got?
The Yearbook has been the most successful aspect of the Miss Gaming event, because the acceptance of this magazine category has been total. As an annual publication and because of its light and visual content, it has captivated readers. The Yearbook distribution began at our London show and has already started with direct and personal distributions to our entire database contacts. As we move nearer to further trade events, the magazine will be disseminated across various countries.

Miss Gaming is also recognized for its participation in trade fairs. For example, this year at ICE you were at BAUM’s stand. What other shows will you attend this year?
In the next trimester Miss Gaming will be attending:

FADJA - Colombia : April 23 - 24 - Stand No 18

SAGSE - Panama : May 7 - 8 - Stand No 108

Peru Gaming Show: June 11 -12 - Stand No 78

What’s Miss Gaming’s main challenge for the short and medium term?
The short-term challenge is covering more than 12 events in as many months, and begin an expansion project to other countries.

We want to start a communication strategy in social networks - we seek not only to publicize through this medium but also to capture the views of the guests at our events and innovate according to their feedback.

Last year the international event that brought together the various country-level winners was held in Las Vegas as part of G2E. Where will this year’s Miss Gaming International be held?
This year the Miss Gaming International contest will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at SAGSE.

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