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September 26, 2021

Interview with Héctor Collazo, President of Caribbean Gaming Distributors

“Tropical Casino in Bayamon has been our most important project recently”

(Puerto Rico, exclusive Visitors to the Caribbean Gaming Show got the chance to know more about the main products of JCM, VSR Industries, Pinnacle Seating and Cammegh, as well as of ViewSonic and Samsung monitors. All of them are distributed by Caribbean Gaming Distributors. The company’s president talked to us about the show and remarked on the agreement signed with Tropical Casino in Bayamon, described as a veritable "show room" given the number of installations made there.


ow do you rate your participation at the Caribbean Gaming Show?
It was what we expected. We didn’t expect a great number of visitors, however, we knew that the presence of important manufacturers of gaming equipments was going to generate the necessary interest.

You exhibited the ViewSonic and Samsung digital communication monitors. What was the feedback like on these products? What is special about the monitors? 
Those products are already well known in Puerto Rico and Panama. As well as being elegant and attractive, ViewSonic monitors are easy to handle. You just have to load the content and the monitors do the rest. The versatility and the opportunities available are their best , and, considering their price, they are attractive products for the customer. Once customers realize the products’ success they purchase more units. 

Samsung commercial monitors are new, but already successful. They are similarly versatile and prices compare favorably with domestic monitors, - hence why many customers opt for them despite the small additional cost, because it is a product with a usable life and with a better image.

JCM, VSR Industries, Pinnacle Seating and Cammegh are also clients of Caribbean Gaming Distributors. How important are their products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean markets?

Cammegh and VSR are highly popular. All the new openings have chosen their products because they are well-known as being the best, with reasonable prices. These are our  flagship brands and we sell them not only in the Caribbean: customers from Mexico to Chile and Uruguay have already been provided with them. JCM is a worldwide leader and, with the new technologies i-Vizion and the Pay Check 4 printer we have a very encouraging future. With Pinnacle our relationship is more recent, but we have already closed several important requests. Its products are a favorite owing to its quality at reasonable prices, and sometimes cheaper than rival products. We have already made their products available in Puerto Rico and Panama

In short, the products we bring are leaders in our industry and that’s why we represent them. Caribbean Gaming Distributors is so demanding as its people represented as regards as  the societies we make and the brands we represent. We are all very pleased with the relationship and with the results.

Which casinos have you signed deals recently? Can you describe the products installed?
We have had a great 2013 and a good start of 2014. With important groups such as Vicca in Colombia, we have placed Cammegh products in all of their casinos. The same happened with Logrand Group in Mexico, being Casino Jubilee the most important. And Enjoy Group the most important. And Enjoy still support us. The new Sortis Casino in Panama supported us with the VSR locks, and Royal Casino of Panama will receive all its new chairs from Pinnacle.

But the new one, Tropical Casino in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, has been the most important project we have had recently. This casino, which is part of Tropical Casinos of Mayaguez y Ponce, was different from the usual in design and product. 

It is located in Parque de Las Ciencias, in the Council of Bayamon, together with Hyatt Place Hotel from Grupo Prisa, one of the best hotel developers in Puerto Rico. In this casino, we put Cammegh chairs and reels, Pinnacle chairs, machines and locks from VSR Industries, Carmanah Signs and Reldom signage, among other products.

However, the most significant was digital communication made in the whole casino. The architects made an excellent work integrating the ViewSonic and Samsung monitors through the whole casino, with three Video Walls, promo monitors in the halls amd monitors for sports and shows in every wall at the venue.

You can watch a show, a sportsbook or promos available from every point at the casino, without moving from the gambling area. It is something unique in Puerto Rico. On top of the monitors, they have also integrated equipment and software to control the content shown in each monitor individually. An excellent project.

No doubt that property is our "show room", and we are very proud of that and thankful for the opportunity offered.

In which other Latin American shows will you exhibit soon?

We will be present in FADJA Colombia with Cammegh products. There, we will show the already popular roulettes and displays with their respective games Lucky Symbols, an exclusive product from Cammegh, unique in the world.

We will always bring Cammegh novelty, the EyeCard, a card recognition system for Black Jack and Baccarat games, which shows on the Billboard screen the result of the play. It is another product we are very proud of and we know will be very successful, as well as it happened in Macau and Europe.

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