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June 15, 2021

Roberto Perea, Export Area Manager of Fournier

"More than half of our sales to British casinos are 100% Plastic Playing Cards "

(UK, exclusive – At the next ICE exhibition to be held in February, Fournier will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first 100% Plastic Playing Cards with a special edition that will be offered to those attending their stand. Roberto Perea, the company’s Export Area Manager, said that the ideal jurisdictions to this product growth "are those which do not put limitations on the use of the cards on the table."


ow will you celebrate your 100% Plastic Playing Cards 20th anniversary?
We have crafted a Special Edition of Fournier in order to celebrate this anniversary. We will offer these cards to all visitors that drop by our booth during the course of ICE.

What relevance do these cards have for British casinos?
Today more than half of the playing cards that we supply to British casinos are 100% Plastic. They are mainly used in games such as poker or games where shufflers are in place

How much potential still exists for this product category? What jurisdictions are more suitable?
The category has still a long way ahead as it is linked to two main drivers. On the one hand the different kinds of poker against the house (3 Card Poker, Caribbean, Ultimate Texas Hold’em,…) are more and more popular among players so more tables are brought  in to cater for this demand.  In these games players touch the cards, so for security reasons, 100% Plastic cards are a favourite as they offer an increased resistance to marking. On the other hand, the introduction of shufflers fosters the use of Plastic Cards. The key is again the strength of these cards. Plastic Cards are tougher than Paper cards. Very hard wearing. This means more hands played per deck and shufflers needing less maintenance. So at the end of the day Plastic Cards are a cost saving solution for operators

The jurisdictions where Plastic Cards fit better are those where there is no limitation to the lifespan of the cards on the tables.  As a reference on a Blackjack table, Fournier 100% PVC Plastic playing cards can last in perfect condition for more than 3 weeks, 8 hours a day

Previously you have mentioned the importance of installing shufflers in casinos for the growth of 100% PVC plastic cards. Do you work alongside shuffler manufacturers to see how to improve both products?
We work very closely with manufacturers of shufflers because both products go hand in hand.  At Fournier we keep all shufflers available in the market so we can constantly test our playing cards and increase their performance.

Interestingly, the origins of 100% PVC Plastic playing cards can be traced to the close cooperation between Fournier and the manufacturers of shufflers - Shuffle Master and Card – back in the days when playing cards did not work properly in the first generations of shufflers. For instance, Shuffle Star was a shuffler that needed a heavy duty playing card and that had to be perfect in every way (cut, thickness consistency, etc) Otherwise the shuffler jammed. We are proud to say that Fournier 100%  PVC  Plastic cards were the only ones that worked on such a demanding shuffler.

What other industry innovations help power the growth of your cards and why?
Preshuffled cards have helped to increase the consumption of cards since one of their main benefits is the augmentation of hands played. Preshuffled cards are a good example of a win-win situation for card manufacturers and operators. On the one hand the operators have been able to increase the table profitability and on the other hand more cards are used. And all that, just by eliminating the non-productive time in shuffling every time a table is opened or cards are changed.

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