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June 25, 2021 has predicted one of the largest promotional waves for gaming

UK casinos boom forecast for 2014

(UK).- 2014 will present the games industry with a potential bonus boom as more online casinos prepare to fight for their share of the market. has predicted one of the largest promotional waves for the adult gaming sector for 15 years. 


Covertcasino furthermore predicts a war between some of the most reputable online casinos: more independent operators with tech-savvy whiz kids on the books will revolutionise modern gaming by mining original ideas for the industry. These new casinos will boast more dynamic platforms and integrate the player with ever evolving social capabilities, they will also be less greedy in their profit schemes and possibly even sacrificial with their finances to generate extraordinary bonus packages for new players.

The internet has experienced major growth over the past 12 months and the year ahead is set to expand on that several fold, but what does this mean for certain entertainment industries. More Google surfers, clickers and visitors to gaming websites mean more sales and therefore competition, which can only mean aggressive marketing strategies from the companies and major incentives for the players. Some would even call it a bonus boom.

In fact have called it just that. The casino promotions war of 2014 will, they predict, be the result of new casinos fighting for new members and older and more dominating brands fighting to keep their current players.  Newbies will have their pick of the good bunch whilst those already on the books may find it hard to leave a master plan loyalty package worth hundreds and even thousands of pounds. Software companies will also have their hands washed in gold as venues fight tooth and nail for more exclusive products such as progressives and new online slot releases.

Team covert which also monitors the casino calendar and bonus trends throughout the seasons has stated that January remains one of the strongest months for online games promotions they've ever seen. On this information and whilst an all out war is yet to be seen, the deal machine is well and truly grinding. Could this really be the start of the bonus boom?

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