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September 26, 2021

Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT

“The associations with Alfastreet and APEX were officially announced in FADJA Peru”

(Peru, exclusive DRGT presented in FADJA Peru three product segments: its systems, the Alfastreet multi-game solutions and APEX gaming cabinets. Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of the company, talked to about the presentation at the show held at the end of May in Lima.


hat products have you presented in FADJA Peru? What are their main characteristics? What products did you bring for the first time for the Peruvian market?
We had three major product segments on display. Firstly, our systems solutions where we stand out with our secure, innovative and user-friendly solutions that are just as advantageous for smaller as larger operators. We offer a complete range of systems solutions and their modularity enables operators to pick the parts they need, knowing they can easily increase their systems options at any future point in time. All run on the same intuitive software. No expensive IT staff is required to manage this. Thus, systems are now available to the complete market – even the smallest operators can link connect their slots machines. Our drScreen is probably the best-known product we have as it opens up a new world of marketing to operators. In a competitive world, player feedback and player retention are key. drScreen enables this.

Secondly, we now offer multiplayer solutions from Alfastreet. Thirdly, we represent APEX gaming and have already three different cabinets approved for sale here. Both partnerships with Alfastreet and APEX were officially announced at the FADJA Peru. Both companies are major players in their corresponding fields of excellence and we are very proud to be working with them.

How have operators received the new partnerships with Alfastreet and APEX?
We were confident of success here as we had received our first orders even before the show had started. The level of interest even surpassed our expectations. We received not only a lot of great feedback but also further orders as well.

What can you tell us about your role as service centre for major gaming manufacturers? How is this part of your business working?
We have our Latin American subsidiary here so we have the perfect setting to support Alfastreet and APEX. Our growing sales and support teams go hand-in-hand with our professional service concept.

How is the performance of DRGT's systems evolving in Peru?
Our customers regularly tell us how pleased they are to have installed DRGT systems. It is secure, flexible, modular, great value for money and opens up a whole new world for operators to communicate with their players via our drScreen technology. All operators had to have a system in operation by the deadline set by the government here. Today more and more operators who installed a competitive system are making their calculations to see how and when they can switch to DRGT. Thus, our market share continues to grow here. This mirrors the dedication we provide to the market and the unique benefits we offer. 

What are your future plans for Peru and the Andean Region?
Naturally we will be rolling out the opportunities with the electronic multiplayers from Alfastreet and the slots from APEX. Coming back to systems, we have another further benefit that we are introducing to the market. Players often want to see if a machine is hot or not. This should not just be a gut feeling but be based on the previous game history of each particular slot machine. This is now possible thanks to drBlackBox. Players can now see a video of the previous games – thus helping their decision progress on which machine to play on. Furthermore, our new drBlackbox with its slot machine screen recording is perfect for auditing purposes for both operators and regulators. Thus, drBlackbox brings added value to the player, operator and regulator – all benefit from the same feature.

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