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June 23, 2021

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Inspired Senior VP for Asia and Strategic Markets

“At G2E Asia we received significant interest in our Sabre Synchro”

(Macau, exclusive Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Inspired Senior VP for Asia and Strategic Markets, spoke about the new products presented at recent G2E Asia: Sabre Synchro and BetBOX Bet Management System. He also commented about the position of the firm in Asia. “In Macau as well as in other Asian countries the gaming industry is growing exponentially and I could perceive a great interest as gaming is booming,” he added.


ow do you evaluate G2E Asia 2013? Did the show exceed your objectives and expectations? What was the outcome?
We had high expectations for this year’s show, following the increase in demand for what we consider is the world’s most advanced virtual sports product, which we expect will do well in the Asian market. At the show we received significant interest in our Sabre Synchro, which combines the Virtual sports and the Electronic Roulette.

Casino operators were excited about our next generation Sabre product, because now casinos can get our award-winning virtual sports side by side with electronic roulette, as part of an electronic multi table gaming product. This product allows players to bet on different electronic table games including roulette (live, auto or virtual wheels) and virtual horses at the same time. By utilizing Sabre’s panoramic 26-inch widescreen moving between the different games can be done swiftly from the same screen without going back to the menu screen to select a different game. This new-generation of Sabre has been specifically designed to multiply player engagement, betting options and revenue.

A different option for casinos wanting Inspired’s virtual sports, is our new BetBOX Bet Management System, which makes it possible for any operator to add virtual sports and numbers to their product mix. Casinos with or without live sportsbook arenas can create a virtual sports sportsbook with customers placing bets over the counter or via bar top screens / tablets.

The great thing about this product is that you can schedule a new event for every 3 minutes, 24/7 and 365 days a year. We have 8 sports and 4 numbers games –with more launches coming soon – so the mix of virtual content never gets dull. It can be launched as a form of continuous entertainment or as an extra channel of entertainment when there is no live sport to bet on. You can imagine someone buying the next 10 games in advance and play onto whatever they are playing.

Similarly, many Lotteries have been interested in BetBOX too, as it’s proven to be an entertaining betting option when there aren’t any lottery draws on.

How is the Asian industry nowadays? What could you perceive during the show? What did operators say to you?
In Macau as well as in other Asian countries the gaming industry is growing exponentially and I could perceive a great interest as gaming is booming. However, the operators use different business models and place many more games on participation versus other markets creating the need for more flexibility and adaptability. We did receive great interest from Asian operators especially from countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia and China (where we are already live with our virtual sports).  This is why I’m confident that our products fit well with the operators.

How is Inspired positioned within the main Asian markets?
Inspired is working closely with its partners in the region: AGTech, Silver Heritage Limited (SHL) and Gaming Concepts, to really immerse ourselves in the key markets and keep momentum up beyond the trade show. Asia is offering new opportunities to us and we're very happy with the companies that helped to get our feed on the ground. We expect that Virtual Sports will become a must have product in the region in the next 12 months and we are absolutely ready for delivering it.

What countries have more potential for Inspired in this region?
We supply many different markets including casinos, street venues, lottery operators, and online and mobile operators and we are looking at opportunities across the whole Asiatic region especially for our virtual sports and SBG/VLT technology.

Despite its promising potential, the Macau casino market is not our only focus. Markets such the Philippines, China, and potential new markets such as Taiwan and Japan offer strong potential for electronic table gaming. This is why these, amongst others, are the countries that have more potential for Inspired. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality product in the market and pursuing our expansion in this region.

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