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July 28, 2021

The current one is from 1947

New gaming industry law asked in Mexico

(Mexico).- Representatives and businessmen agree on the need of a new Games and Draws Law, because the current one, from 1947, is “obsolete.” With this regard, AIEJA President, Miguel Ángel Ochoa, considered that it is necessary to create an Inter-Secretarial Commission for the issuance of licenses.


egislators commented the need of a law to fight against illegal casinos as well as the regulation of the casinos’ tax system. Meanwhile, businessmen are in favor of casino regularization as well as the definite closure of irregular casinos.

At a meeting with members of the Special Games and Draws Commission at the Chambero f Representatives, they commented that in the proposal of this sector it is planned that the licenses will be granted from the presentation of a Project of the impact that it will have on the economic and social development on the community, which would end with discretional nature

"The new licenses will not be solved by one person, but by a collegiate member, and besides, multiple licenses will not be granted, but unique and individual permits, connected to a Project of regional development,” he anticipated. Such commission, he assured, could be comprised by the Ministers of Interior, Economy, Tourism and Public Security, as well as by the General Public Prosecution of the Republic (PGR).

In this sense, he supported the initiative presented last April by Senador Verónica Martínez Espinoza, who proposed the creation of a National Gaming Commission, which would be a  decentralized and inter-secretarial entity of the federal public administration.

During the meeting, Ochoa Sánchez assured that the operation of betting centres and casinos contribute to the economic development of the country, because they already generate 50,000 direct employments and help the turistic expansion of the places in which they operate.

Representatives Fernando Zárate Salgado, Rubén Benjamín Félix Hays and Aurora de la Luz Aguilar Rodríguez, members of the commission, agreed on the need of a law that fights the illegality with which several of those sites operate, and to regulate the corresponding tax system.

Besides, the lawyer Talía del Carmen Vázquez, who reported an alleged corruption network related to casinos, delivered federal representatives a document with penal complaints that have presented irregularities on the granting of licenses for games and draws.

In a work meeting with the Special Commission to Investigate the Operation of the Instances of the Federal Government Related to the Granting of Licenses for Games and Draws, the lawyer informed about the challenges she had to FACE in order to report corruption acts, such as false seals and licenses.

The president of this legislative instance, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja pointed that the visit of Talía Vázquez, as well as of casinos and horse-races at Hipódromo de las Américas, responds to a series of meetings previously accorded by the commission.

He indicated that, once the investigation stage concludes, this commission will present a detailed report on the results, but, above all, will propose an initiative to amend the Law of Games and Draws, which is obsolete and was created in 1947.

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