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September 25, 2021

According to a BuddyBet report

Social survey finds people turning off due to “monetisation methods”

(Isle of Man).- More people would play online and mobile games if in-game advertising and freemium upgrade requests were eliminated. Social betting site BuddyBet’s survey “Betting on Gaming Monetisation” revealed that 62 % of people turn off when confronted with the monetisation methods, while a further 25% avoid online and mobile games because they contain excessive interruptions.


lmost two thirds of the population still played console, mobile and online games, although of this number, 44 % felt ads and requests for payments ruined the gaming experience. A quarter also admitted to avoiding games with excessive interruptions and attempts to make money.

"It is clear that the gaming industry still has massive potential for growth, but the findings of this study show that popular monetisation models risk alienating gamers due to the negative impact they have on the gaming experience, likely shortening lifetime user engagement and in-turn reducing the lifetime value of a player," commented Jarrod Epps, CEO and Founder, BuddyBet.

"The challenges around advertising and pay-to-play approaches mean that innovation is needed. By tapping into innate competitive instincts and formalising people's propensity to make and accept friendly bets, this study shows in-game P2P betting for real money provides a viable monetisation alternative for game developers, gaming networks and communities."

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