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October 16, 2021

Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Amusgo Director

“For Amusgo, Panama show is a Caribbean Latin American platform”

(Panama, exclusive the idea that the company reaches the whole region, Amusgo was present at booth 202 of SAGSE Central America & Caribbean @ Panama together with its partner Amatic. Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Amusgo Director, granted an interview to in which he spoke about the products presented at the show and the main Latin American markets.


matic decided to return to SAGSE Panama, What products did you present and which do you think will be better received by local operators?
Amatic not only sees Panama, we see the show as a Latin American and Caribbean platform. It has now had more public than in the two previous editions.

I don’t think I am wrong in my observation. I think this time they organized it in a more cozy place and that the market is looking for new things. We have brought some state-of-the-art platform machines in which, within just one machine, we have three reels with five lines and up to five reels with 50 lines. Besides, they are multi-denomination and multi-game, both the  X3000 version and the C22 version.

We can say that X300 is more oriented to smaller venues and the C22 is thought for big casinos?
Yes. It is a good observation because the return of the capital and the cost of each unit rule it this way. The C3000 is a little more economic (although both have state-of-the-art technology and similar or equal games) but it can be a market that I would not call secondary because so far we have a great volumen of machines working in Europe and Mexico. It is a machine with very good results, with cycles of between 2,000 to 5,000 per day, per machine. Which means an occupation rate of between five and eight continuous hours. There are very few machines that achieve that.

Besides, this machine has the attraction that, if you do not like a version or a game maths you can vary until you find the version or the game you like the most. It is customizable to the players wishes.

What Caribbean markets are more interesting for the company?
We have several markets in evolution. As good Austrians, we sterted in the headquarters, until they confirmed that both the machine and the operators with whom they have associated, are confident for a favorable execution for the company.

In Peru there is a group that already has several teams at the floor as well as Amusgo, and we are fully growing. This result and the feedback of the Latin American market boosted them to join us here in Panama, so each one who brought his contents and contacts to make Amatic the most acknowledged company in Latin America and reach all the frontiers.

Although nowadays there are markets that are blocked, such as Venezuela, and there are other difficult markets like Argentina and Brazil, we will concentrate all our efforts to involve in such markets as soon as the law allows us. As well as in all the other sub-markets, from Trinidad and Saint Martin until all the Caribbean islands that allow us to enter…we will be there.

Finally, Colombia is a market that, although has been quite unsteady, it is still stable, and we will bet on it.

Will you participate in the events in Peru and Argentina? Which are the plans of the company for Latin America?
In Peru, surely, it is all canalized. We will probably participate in Argentina. It is a market that, with its limitations, the economic difficulties it is facing and the low volatility of acquisition of equiments- worths it. Being presnt in Argentina is being present in a significant part of the market.

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