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October 26, 2021

drScreen was the real highlight of the firm

DRGT presented its solutions at a larger stand in ICE

(UK).- DRGT took the opportunity to underline the whole world of systems benefits during recent ICE event held in London last February 5-7. The firm presented its innovative solutions in a much larger stand in central position at the new ExCel venue.


he firm remarked that the two large question marks at either side of the stand in the company colour of purple in empty servers raised the question: Why is the server rack empty? The answer is easy as no server is required to operate DRGT systems. This greatly simplifies the introduction of systems – reducing the cost dramatically and at the same time strongly increasing security.

DRGT can connect all slots to their system – no matter the age or type. A full, readily understandable product and service range allows operators to choose the right modules they need and when – in the knowledge that DRGT is fully modular. No further software is required when expanding the system’s capabilities.

Within the past year, DRGT has grown from 8,000 to over 20,000 connected slots. “The fact that DRGT is changing the way operators view systems is playing a major role. Now all operators can benefit from implementing DRGT systems – from the small arcade operator up to the large casino operator”, said sources of the firm. The ‘dr’ prefix makes each product / service simple to recognise – for example, drAccounting, drPlayer Tracking, drJackpot, drCashless and drTicket.

drScreen was the real highlight on the stand. The video monitor of the gaming machine is made use of to portray all the account details. Players no longer need to squint at small additional screens. Manufacturers no longer need to include this small screen. A win-win for all sides. The game automatically moves to the upper screen when the player activates drScreen – thus game play can continue even when the player is managing his or her account. This is added comfort for the player and of course increased play time. The screen and pay table return to their usual position once the player has exited drScreen. New features include tailor-made promotions to the individual player and drSpice – a way of demonstrating the volatility of the gaming machine.

The flexibility of DRGT systems was exemplified by the ability to accept multi currencies and automatically transfer the credit to the chosen preferred currency. This is particularly of interest for gaming machines on ferries between countries using different denominations and in countries where the local currency and the US dollar are both used. Players no longer need to change money into a single currency. This increases the chances of players making use of multi currencies – so can truly drive revenue. 

The Casino Automatic Redemption Machine – drCarm – received its premiere at the ICE. This offers comprehensive bill and ticket conversion and furthermore acts as a bill breaker. The additional in-built security makes the drCARM a true compliment to DRGT systems in larger arcades / casinos.
Jurgen De Munck, founder and CEO, looks forward to another very positive year ahead, “2012 was a year of excellent growth and the introduction of several new products. These products have now had time to prove themselves. Many visitors commented on how well their DRGT systems are running. We pride ourselves on our secure, serverless systems that offer a whole range of marketing / advertising / promotional capabilities. It is our goal for customers to see systems in a brand new, positive light – a tool that brings endless benefits with a service to match from DRGT. That is why we highlighted our 24/7 so much at the ICE”.

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