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September 22, 2021

Tina Ferko, Interblock PR Manager

“Interblock again proved to be one of the top performers at this year exhibition”

(UK, exclusive Tina Ferko, Interblock PR Manager, talked to about latest ICE show and the novelties presented by the firm; G4D – DIAMOND and Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge were some of the highlights at the booth. “In general, we see trends moving more and more in favor of installing electronic table games (ETGs) into casinos,” she pointed.


ow do you see the evolution for Interblok’s 16th visit at ICE 2013?
It is our 16th visit to one of the most important and biggest show in the whole gaming industry, as it gives us guidelines and predictions on what will be happening in the market throughout the forthcoming year. Interblock’s participation is also important because it gives us a chance to socialize with our long-term business partners in person and with our continuing innovative design we are also attracting new customers.

What can you tell us about the products that you chose to present here? What are their main features?
Interblock showcased two very important and unique novelties. First one is unveiling of enhanced multi-player platform, called G4D – DIAMOND and spectacular Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge, which is set to be the future of gaming entertainment. Built together in partnership with UK based Musion Systems, Interblock has the honor of holding the exclusive agreement for gaming holographic technology. We are the first in the industry to offer this kind of projection and we are very proud of this achievement.

How is the industry responding to your special Hologram gaming lounge platform? Have you closed any agreement thank to this product?
Interblock again proved to be one of the top providers in gaming entertainment with our spectacular Hologram Gaming Lounge (IBHGL), which had a premier presentation for European market. We have already installed one of the showrooms for the Hologram in our premises in the US office, located in Las Vegas and are just finishing also with final installation in Slovenia based company. After its first launch in October, IBHGL has won tremendous inquires and already won an award for Best Innovation for year 2012. The main advantages that casino operators can recognize are endless possibilities that this important project can offer on their casino floor with practically a touch of a one button.

What are the particularities of each main European market?
Relatively old gaming legislation and stiffness of the legislature is in our opinion, the main barrier in the development of gaming in Europe, of course not necessarily in all European countries. Most of the casino operator’s desire is to ensure stability in business with introduction of new technologies and new gaming products. Especially since new technologies and products are already present in mature gaming markets in the region and the world, casino operators are trying as much as possible to bring innovations in their operations, believing this is the only way to keep existing players and of course, generate new ones.

What countries are the best for the performance of your products within the EMEA region?
This is very hard to evaluate, because many of the casinos still have very well operated products inside their venues from our 3rd generation of products. Most popular product is probably still G4 Organic Roulette and we are not talking about only EMEA region, but the whole world. In general, we see trends moving more and more in favor of installing electronic table games (ETGs) into casinos in higher volume and more often, as players are becoming more comfortable with the concept. Overall ETGs are the future of gaming we believe, as flexibility of playing, what they want, when and how in their own comfort zone still presents one of the main advantages.

What are your expectations for this year?
We believe that Interblock again proved to be one of the top performers at this year exhibition, with improvements that we believe will increase interest in our products and help us to move forward and expand to the new markets and of course further expansion to the North America. And finally, to keep pace with new technology, which is always on the horizon and is constantly adding new dimensions to our games.

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