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October 26, 2021

Chris Dravis, Senior Gaming Manager, Gasser Chair Company

“At ICE we launched the new Coltrane gaming stool”

(UK, exclusive “The ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre proved to be a fantastic venue for this show,” pointed out Chris Dravis, Senior Gaming Manager of Gasser Chair Company, in an interview granted to after ICE 2013. She commented about the new products presented by the firm and its future goals, among other issues.


ow have visitors reacted to the gaming stools that you have exhibited in ICE?
Traffic at the Gasser Chair Company booth at the ICE 2013 Totally Gaming show was exceptional and the interest and reactions to our gaming stools on display were positive. We positioned the new Coltrane gaming stool towards the front of the booth and presented it as our newest member to the gaming line. Our booth visitors, especially those that were casino operators and managers, were excited that we launched the new Coltrane gaming stool, and were eager to try/test it out on their own. The Coltrane was designed to meld style, durability and ergonomics to increase players’ time on device, and our booth visitors confirmed that we met our design goal! Other booth visitors that sat in the stools enjoyed the Coltrane’s wide and comfortable foam cushioning, its easy-change seat and backrest, and its overall ease of maintenance.

How did you feel in the new venue?
The ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre proved to be a fantastic venue for this show.  The layout of the convention hall allowed foot traffic to flow easily and we really liked the “Boulevard” which divided the North and South Halls.  This provided a good meeting place for people to grab a cup of coffee and/or bite to eat before resuming their business with vendors.

What are your plans right after the show?
As with any show, we have already started the follow-up process to answer our leads and provide pricing and/or product information that was requested.

Last year, Gasser Chair Company expanded its presence into the Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea markets. What are the results?
The expansion into the Australian / New Zealand markets has been a very welcome and pleasant endeavour.  We have recently hired an independent sales agency to assist in these areas and we are seeing much growth and potential.

What new territories are you planning to reach?
As we did prior to our expansions into Australia / New Zealand and Hawaii, we continue to research, review and thoroughly examine new markets where our products could enhance the customer gaming and/or hospitality experience.

What are your next goals?
Upcoming goals include:
•    To continue conducting extensive research and development aimed at creating seating products that address players’ comfort desires, operations’ functional needs, and managements’ economic mandates.
•    To move forward with the creation of a new Hospitality Product Summary Catalog; and
•    To further expand and market our new Coltrane gaming stool.   

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