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July 30, 2021

Casino Crazy Open the Box

JPM presented its latest game novelty

(UK).- Within days of its launch at EAG International Expo JPM’s Category B4, last January 22-24, Casino Crazy Open the Box has already attracted orders from operators anticipating increased demand from the Club sector. This new product is a four reel multi stake game with a 30 stage lapper, pots, streaks and the exciting cash offer feature


ebuting on the PWS stand, Casino Crazy Open The Box kept director Paul Wilson and his team busy throughout the show with enquiries from leading UK operators.

“JPM has always had a reputation for producing strong performing club games and this latest release has clearly made its presence felt. With the removal of AMLD in the B4 sector, the timing of this latest game couldn’t be better as MGD should entice clubs to move to a greater density of B4 machines. Where some clubs downgraded to AWP’s, the commencement of MGD should mean that they can go back to B4 machines, given the parity on MGD.”

“Casino Crazy Open The Box incorporates some strong features from JPM’s hugely successful Casino Crazy, but a stack of new features have been added which deliver player appeal on every level,” observed Wilson.

Casino Crazy Open the Box is a four reel multi stake game with a 30 stage lapper, pots, streaks and the exciting cash offer feature. On the board are positions that add to cash, feature, nudges, win spin and Open The Box stacks. The main feature is entered by either completing the 11 stage Casino Crazy name-fill or by reaching a highlighted exchange point following a successful Hi-Lo gamble from a reel win.

The Open The Box feature awards a series of cash offers to the player. Each refused offer causes three of the cash values in the Open The Box area to disappear. If all offers are refused, the player is awarded the cash value revealed when a secret reel is lit.

JPM’s Paul Bursnell added: “Casino Crazy Open The Box is something of a hybrid representing the very best of an excellent classic game enhanced by features which have been extremely popular recently.”

"The B4 club sector forms a significant part of our games development strategy,” revealed Paul. “We’ve invested heavily over the past year to develop the very best products for the UK and international markets. It’s very reassuring when a new game is so well received,” he added.

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