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October 28, 2021

Julian Graves, Managing Director, Consumer and Gaming Division at Clarion Events

“ICE 2013 is really the best show I’ve ever come across"

(UK, exclusive Yesterday morning, Excel Exhibition Center experienced the thrill of being, for the first time, the venue of the main European event of the sector. Once again, ICE became the most “international” annual exhibition of the gaming industry, with a lot of public, satisfied exhibitors, a huge and modern meeting room and its traditional signature of elegance and professionalism, keys of a brilliant first day of exhibition.


t is complex, not to say impossible, to  summarize the London show in a few concepts. Mentioning that it gathered the main international firms, that it showed a very good level of public or assuring that it did not seem to feel the impact of a change of venue, would be a reasonable first step, but unfair, if we consider the reach of its results. We can then add that, in its 31,000 sqm, 481 companies gathered, representing the main exponents of the sector in 55 countries and showing the  strenght of the event at an international level. At the time of the analysis, the changes compared to previous years were big, but were oriented to reaffirm the bet on “what is new” based on “the best.”

The convention center in which the event is currently taking place is, possibly, the most modern and complete in which an international gaming trade show has ever been held. Its facilities enable an harmonic, homogeneous event, with a unique hall with the traditional gaming areas and companies dedicated to online and social gaming, always present at the exhibition and, this year, particularly active and thriving. The result? Satisfied exhibitors due to equal opportunities.

With regard to the visitors, there was a lot of public and a wide international presence. Besides, according to statements by exhibitors, there was a good “quality” of visitors. Unfortunately, as it happened in previous years, Latin America did not have a great presence, but the main regional gaming operators joined the great number of operators worldwide, to discover the novelties and releases of their main providers.

Julian Graves, Managing Director, Consumer and Gaming Division of Clarion Events, talked to Yogonet at the end of the first day. “First of all, I have to say congratulations to the exhibitors. The effort made in the quality of the presentation of the stands is just mind blowing. I’ve never seen this in any other exhibition in any other sector I’ve been involved in.”
“My first impression at the end of the first day is that it’s been busy, with quality of visitors, with people still finding their way around as this is a brand new venue and a brand new layout. The exhibitors I’ve spoken to are pleased with quality and quantity. So, on that front, I have to say it’s been a good day. We still have two days to go, so it’s early for final impressions.”

“On the other hand, the conferences have been well attended, with very good sessions. We have the regulation ones today as well, with regulators from 40 jurisdictions, which is really fantastic, and representatives from different countries and markets such as Singapore, Philippines, Bulgaria, US, Africa, etc. We have a really worlwide representation.”

“In terms of visitors, on this industry you see steps up another level every single year. It is really a joy to see the effort, the work and the investment that all that involves the show has put into. This is really the best show I’ve ever come across,” he concluded.

This way, the organizers and the show itself, experimented a very positive opening day, offering great expectations to the exhibitors, considering what can happen in the exhibition center until tomorrow. Every change offers opportunities, and, on this field, no one can deny that ICE took the most advantage of it.

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