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September 19, 2021

Ingvar Hjalmarsson, firm’s CCO

“Liberalisation of gaming markets in Europe has broadened Betware’s target group”

(UK, exclusive Ingvar Hjalmarsson, Betware Chief Commercial Officer, granted an interview to about his expectations on upcoming ICE show in London and about the main products that the firm will present there. “Major factor that differentiates Betware’s Gaming Platform on the market is the experience and track record of market success,” he affirmed.


hat are your expectations about ICE?
ICE is one of the biggest and most prestigious events of the gaming industry. We are excited about the new venue and hope it will be as successful as all the ICE events at Earls Court. The growing interest in multisourcing strategy and open gaming platform across the industry should increase interest in Betware’s offering and we expect to be very busy at our stand this year.

What place will have online and mobile gaming in the show?
Over the years the gaming market has been growing heavily with new vendors and operators coming into the pot, new developments and changes in gaming laws and regulations. All that strongly influenced the development of new solutions and strategies most applicable for player retention. Moving the offline gaming brands into the online world has become a true must wherever the regulations allow. Moreover, with the growing penetration of mobile phones, and especially the smartphones, the mobile sales channel has become one of the most desired solutions for gaming operators and a key novelty on the market. The absolute accessibility that mobile sales offer  is something that players are searching for today. Online and mobile is no longer the future - it is the present. Therefore it is obvious that online and mobile offering will flourish at ICE.

What products will you present? What are its main features?
Betware’s core product is a flexible and open Gaming Platform. It is a fundamental part when it comes to establishing an online gaming business as it ties together all the components necessary to create an appealing and entertaining gaming experience for the players.
The differentiation capabilities that Betware’s Gaming Platform provide can be a fundamental component for the operator’s business strategy.  The freedom to choose the best of breed games at any given time, and the ability to select other content type to integrate with the platform, may become a key to the future success.

Major factor that differentiates Betware’s Gaming Platform on the market is the experience and track record of market success. There are other platforms on the market, offering similar capabilities however there might only be just a few that can back it up with solid experience which is a true underwriter of the security and auditability of the whole solution. Betware’s Gaming Platform was built to meet the security and auditing requirements of the highly regulated jurisdictions and has been supporting customers for many years now, gaining in depth knowledge and experience with plentiful of integration projects. Years in prosperous operation on many different regulated markets, under numerous regulatory conditions are its biggest asset. Betware has designed the gaming platform to withstand the large volume of players expected by large customers such as Danske Spil and the Spanish National Lottery. With experience comes speed to market - integration projects  and launches done by Betware on top of the platform, were classified as holding a record in launching and integration time.

Betware’s Gaming Platform not only offers the ability to tie all the components together to build a flexible solution for the players and operators it also gives the opportunity to use the data collected to apply Business Intelligence, Promotions and Bonus features to the mix. Player information, their gaming behaviour and expectations are a major asset in today´s competitive gaming market: Sales reports, player demographics, what games are being played as well as further information and marketing features can give the operator the ability to re-act fast with the goal of new player acquisition and increased retention. 

Betware’s Gaming Platform supports all sales channels. The players are everywhere and the operators should have the ability to access them whenever and wherever it is most convenient - at the local retail outlet (terminals), at work (the desktop), on the sofa (the tablet) or on the go (the mobile). After all gaming is part of the entertainment world and convenience  and accessibility strongly influence are the success.

What goals will you pursue this year, especially in Europe?
Betware’s main objective is to be dedicated and fully committed to supporting its customers and their growth. We will definitely put a lot of effort into backing our newly launched Spanish customers to ensure their growing market position and player retention.
We will build on our experience and  success in Spain offering our solution to gaming operators which are making their steps towards the online market. The liberalisation of gaming markets in Europe has broadened Betware’s target group from being mainly lotteries to all gaming operators including land based casinos, media companies and others  seeking a gaming licence in their jurisdiction and we will continue that focus in 2013.  At the same time our R&D teams will continue working on new improvements to ensure our products and our customers remain the most innovative on the market.

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